Audio’s Advanced Music Production Tutorial Part1

An In-depth look at how the track ‘Headroom’ taken from the ‘Soulmagnet’ LP on Virus Recordings (Out on October 29th!) was constructed and produced, made by …


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anyone got good tips for drum break samples sample packs loops that kind of
thing (with the break in focus)?

Stiiiiiiiiiill waiting for part 2 šŸ™ :(?

K100 i think you might be waiting forever mate?

Thanks for tips and tutorial really helpful.?

wheres the compression on the drums ??

the camelfat puts a ceiling on top without limiting, squashing or
compressing? I wonder what kinda voodoo that is….?

I very much want to know. Why the plugin Satson Channel handle GAIN
unscrewed to the maximum? If I do the same, the drums become overloaded.?

Come dog where is part 2 please please please.?

deffo time for part 2…benn over a year now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

This tutorial courtesy of: Team Assign, VIP Team, Team Air and probably few
more LOL Pathetic!?