D. Ramirez Masterclass Production Tutorial – Episode 1.4

D. Ramirez Masterclass Production Tutorial - Episode 1.4

While in LA D. Ramirez filmed a 6 part Masterclass Music Production Tutorial Video at Icon Collective. In the videos D. Ramirez takes you through the whole p…


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D Ramirsez seems like a pretty cool guy!?

Nice videos but wonder why there´s no call-response thing using as bass or
reaktor stuff cuz it´s pretty boring now. Really waiting how this series

The reason it sounds like it’s doubling up is from what some have said
already, it is that the screen capturing software is recording the
computer’s build in audio signal, then the microphone which he has to speak
into for us to hear, the audio coming from either the computer’s speakers
or monitors is being picked up and being recorded again. The recorded mic
does delay a little, a few ms, must just be a latency issue with CPU. It’s
an editing nightmare after recording when it happens so I understand why
you would leave it that was lol doesn’t bother me in the slightest that it
sounds the way it does though. I can still see what he’s doing and I don’t
want to try and copy the track. Your getting hands on tips and techniques
from a world class producer who is at the top of their game FOR FREE. You
can’t really complain ;-)?

@greedyone75 i think he does eventually bring it up, but the premaster
fader is used as an extra level of control before you send all your sounds
to the master fader. this will allow you to control the level of your
tracks before they hit your master fader or allow you to send multiple
groups of tracks through certain processes while allowing others to travel
straight to your master buss.

arrr i love this guy … the dance to see if ya feeling it is the most

This phasing is annoying !!!!

@SFledz Yeah mate, ive been watching these on the Future Music Mag discs
and every episode is like this so far, bit annoyin 🙁

@BudgeBurnley They are still good though by the way!

these video’s will be great help for me on course, looking forward to the
rest !!! bring on the vocals 🙂

wow great … Nur NH 🙂

dont forget to record the crab committing suicide

there’s some phase. we might be hearing it twice – through the direct feed
from the computer and from Ramirez’s voice.

im not trying to hate, i appreciate the tutorial, but why does everything
sound like it’s train wrecking

he didnt talk about the bassline sequence or the chord sequence =/

hahahah do a little dance! ^^

Except he isnt using a pantomime 5 synthesizer 🙂