Dave Grohl Private GW Magazine Lesson/Interview March 2011

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters gives a private lesson/interview, discussing “The Pretender” and “Rope.” From the March 2011 issue of Guitar World Magazine.
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This clip should be named “Glimpse Inside the Mind of a Genius” ?

Dave Grohl: “It’s a simple song”
Me: “Whaaaaaaaat”?

I have watched this to many times so now everytime I listen to The
Pretender I hear the riff extra strong throughout the song..! ­čśŤ (epic)?

he would never admit it but he’s a musical genius ?

I love how he’s just like oh this is so easy haha. Wish I could say it was
so easy! He is a genius haha?

My greatest hero of all time! ?

Just wondering, but is this really on the March, 2011 issue of Guitar World
I’m trying to buy the exact issue, but March 2011 issue is about Metallica.
Not the Foo, nor Dave.?

The distortion on his guitar is soon good?

Presence isn’t anyone’s favorite Zeppelin album.?

Please, what’s the name of this Amp? Thanks?

The 2nd song has whole lotta love lick. A piece of it anyhow. And I see
some Page chords in just about every song. The 3rd chord of the 1st song.
Page chord. I think hes doing A, A minor, Page chord. Page loves it when
people cant figure out a chord in a song of his. He did a lot of that on
purpose just for the mystery. And of course the art.?

HE DOESNT KNOW HOW TO READ OR WRITE MUSIC. If there is a Music God, they
spent extra fucking time on Dave, fuckin beast.?

does anybody know how the hell I get that distorted tone? it is gorgeous!!?

Anyone know which amp is he using??

I can say that during the process of composing the drum lines are beating
in his head. ?

+Noah Sianez – yes, he sure as hell can shred, just listen to the Probot
record. Or There Is Nothing Left To Lose, where he was the only guitarist.
Or the Pocketwatch tape, or the first Foo Fighters record, on both of which
he was the only musician full stop and on the latter of which he recycled
some songs from the former.?