EZkeys – Smart Songwriting Features

Get an overview of the smart songwriting functionality in EZkeys. Find out how easily you can change chords, add color and how the amazing EZkeys features ca…


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Circle Of 5ths or Circle Jerk !!! No APP can replace TALENT …?

I bought this. It is VERY useful. I use it as a songwriting tool, as I can
not play keyboard. I play guitar but it is great to have this software to
supplement an arrangement. It is also good for working out complex
progressions that might be too difficult for me on guitar. This has made me
a better writer and not a fake writer! Think of it as another tool in one’s

The perfect tool to make sure that those who don’t know music will keep not
knowing music… nice going!?

In my opinion the music is a wonderful thing, addictive and fun. If you
like to play it and you play it using the means that suit you, do not be
ashamed of it. The stereotypical beauty is a product, you must not feel
guilty if you do not look like the stereotype of a musician, your “music”
will please you (as long as you’ll be pleased) and who will be pleased to
hear it. Have fun?

If you make a song in EZkeys, how do you get the drums from EZ Drummer in
the song since these are two separate programs?

if you need a program to analyze your chords to give you options for
changes, perhaps writing music is not something you’re very well suited
for. This is geared for someone that’s in a hurry to fake it, face it. How
is it not fun to do your own musical thought and investigation? Good for
you if you can make a buck off such a person though.

So much for ,blood swet and tears.Push a button, write a song?They are
killing the craft of music.

If your ideas aren’t unique enough to differ from results generated by this
software then perhaps you don’t think very highly of your abilities.

I know, I use Cubase 6. I have to open two separate programs because they
don’t merge to one program as they should. That’s the point I am trying to

Well basically , you use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Logic Pro,
Cubase, Fl Studio or even Audacity and load the two programs as a Vsti
(Virual Studio Technology Instrument)

For all the tyre kickers out there, who seem to think if you need this you
shouldn’t be in the music business blah blah. Did you ever stop to think
this might allow those musicians who are not key players to articulate
there ideas? Probably not, as your still masking the fact you never tried
music yourself. Caged hearts & minds produce repressed angry souls like
caged birds wishing to learn how to fly. Tools or no tools, conquering your
heart is climbing a personal Mount Everest. It takes time.

What are you trying to combine there?

I need it please for reason 6

How do you combine EZkeys with EZ Drummer?

Most of the songs you’ll hear now a days have a lot of programmed stuff in