FL Studio Complete Basic Tutorial

FL Studio Complete Basic Tutorial

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Hello and welcome to my first FL10 Tutorial! I genuinely think this covers all the basics you need to know to get started in FL10. I worked very hard on this so I would appreciate any feedback.

The sound was an issue and I tried to save your ears as much as I could during the editing process. I personally watched the entire final render and I can tell you you didn’t miss anything important while I was speaking when I shouldn’t XD

I hope you enjoyed it and comment and subscribe for more.

I will also do Cubase 5, Vegas 10, Power Director 9, even maybe a little Flash CS5.. actually go here for that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0igv_BKikg ) and I’ve already done a Photoshop tutorial.

Also, 1080p 40 minutes 1.4GB whereas my MC LP was 720p 20 minutes 1.4GB, lulwut.


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these dickheads that make tutorials like to talk alot of shit throughout the video just give me the fucking information?

you didn't explain anything whatsoever!

so this is export and new…click it and it does that….

Im gonna consult a dead coyote on the side of the freeway, he knows how to explain things?

Alright, so I have a question and I'd really appreciate your answer. What is the best way to synchronize two separately recorded instruments? In my case it's a guitar and bass, but they are both playing the same riff. I just can't get them to align correctly, I'm still kind of new at this. Please answer back, thanks!?

FKProds trolls other channels advertising his "videos and then asks you not to troll they are hypocrites.?


FKprods you are complete idiot.?

This is a very good video, a bit long and as you know, sound levels aren't perfect, but you gave a clear understanding of how new users should go about using FL and gave people like me (just checking I remembered the basics) a full overview of everything the program offers. Cheers dude.?

PLEASE get another mic , you drop out so much its virtually impossible to follow
Great video but I gave up at ten minutes because of the drop outs !!?

Nice tutorial man, apart from the poorly equalized sound it was very helpful, thanks!?

Awsome job man! You really helped me with your video. =D?

I'm taking a class on Music tech in highschool, and this video goes over all the basics pretty much  so it is a good basic tutorial very easy to understand, this isn't supposed to teach you how to make a song straight off the bat, you get the basics and you learn how to make a track by yourself. so if you wanna make good songs/tracks really fast and have no patience then you need to check yourself that doesn't just happen right away.?

learn everything for youtube and make this of it 

does this tutorial apply to producer version as well????

How does this have almost 5000 likes… I watched 5 minutes and this guy clearly understands FL… but clearly does not understand how to explain FL to anyone… ugh?