FL Studio: Full Mixdown tutorial + Mastering stuff

Finally uploaded this tutorial due to popular demand. Bring on the sub genre requests.

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This is a FL Studio 9 beginners tutorial so some of the things I discuss are very basic, yet very essential to understanding and creating music within FL Studio. Within this tutorial I discuss the layout of the program,the basic functions of the step sequencer,playlist, and piano roll. To view Pt. 2 follow this link


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fuck all those people who said someone else brought em here, my lack of ability to do such mixdown is the reason why I'm here.?

Good video dude. Thanks for the knowledge!?

I got an ad for mastering before this video… Wtf is this I'm scared?

Thanks man!, and Beats4Beats can you do a tutorial on how Japanese Music companies make  anime music??

I know a thing or two about "clubby clap".?

you will go far my brother!!! You are very humble.?

I love your tutiorials man, they're helping a lot! I'm 15 and half and try to learn how to professionaly produce so that's really useful.?

I don't speak english but, i like your video. Good music +.+ thanks?

The only reason that we are cursed is that we are not English speaking by tongue.

Just fooling ofcourse. But If only my tongue could talk English just like you I would help others just like you.

I like you voice and your help.

I subbed to you<3?

Nice clear informative video. Just what I needed, thx man?

I don't really get it on how you find stuff man? like the piano where do i find it??

i remember watching this for the 1st time 3 years ago. first ever FL tutorial i watched, you helped a lot man!! now my beats have improved, thanks?

Can anyone tell me why the FPC isnt recording anything that I play? it just recently started doing this. ?

This video is pretty extremely good!! If you look up Beat Generals in youTube they usually have even more extensive information about this though!! ?

Great basic instruction. Very understandable with your directions.
Thx mane… ?

Awesome tutorial. Clear voice and you simplified it.

how many people tried to click the stop button on fl instead of you-tube? ha-hah

Exceptional tutorial. Any person shopping for one of the most advanced demonstrations around the net would be wise to consider a glance at beatgenerals, they have demonstrations on the styles of your most-liked rappers and even producers…

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Already cuzz dat help me out a lot

Best tutorial I found. Straight to the punch, easy to understand.

where can i download the full version? I only get the demo version :/

i cant find a piano in the file

im trying to do wwe with arena effects. The program wont let me save and when i converted them to mp3, the effects were left off the music. please help

very helpful, i was makin a beat in 2 min with this tut.

This video is incredibly good!! If you actually search for Beat Generals on here they usually have lots of specified details about making beats though..