Fleetwood’s Mac Lindsey Buckingham Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

Fleetwood's Mac Lindsey Buckingham Guitar Lesson (Part 1)

Fleetwood Mac’s legendary guitarist Lindsey Buckingham gives an exclusive lesson for Guitar World. In Part 1, Lindsey talks about his Picking Style, and demonstrates how to play the classic…


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Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most under appreciated musicians ever.
Huge talent.?

Fleetwood’s Mac Lindsey Buckingham Guitar Lesson (Part 1):
http://youtu.be/v_P2KO05YZc. He is such a genius. ?

LOL people here commenting as if they were bigger than this guy, news flash
for you … Lindsay never heard about you.?

Ok so one of his strings is slightly flat, why the big deal? do your
guitars not go out sometimes? Lindsey is a superb musician flat or in tune!?

What a great sounding guitar that is. One Shure SM 58 the only thing
picking up the
sound, no onboard electronics, just the guitar, the player, and the feel.
He is a great player, whether or not his 2nd string is a touch out of tune
or not! Come
on, people. Picky, picky, picky. He could play most of us under the table
and you all
know it.?

Yep. The guitar is a little out of tune- but who cares? It’s Lindsay
Buckingham! Anyway, he’s showing a picking technique, not tuning a guitar.?

The guitar is tuned a half step lower than standard. It is not out of

Yup I think it’s the second string thats’s out.?

Ok so here’s the thing. Any of you arseholes talking about out of tune
ever think that maybe a lifetime of live performing has made him a little
hard of hearing? and perhaps he relies on a tuner a little more than most
of us now, they didn’t have all this newfangled ear protection back then or
noise levels in clubs, they played LOUD And I doubt the interviewer wanted
to feel rude and point it out. I’m sure none of you have ever played a
guitar so inferior it’s gone out whilst playing, due to temperature or a
million other variances big fucking deal nobody will ever be inducting you
into the hall of fame for being able to perfectly tune your guitar?

This man is the reason I got back into guitar recently.?

To those hacking on the guitar sound…Sorry your free sandwich had no

Hey, his guitar’s out of tune…anyone else notice that????

Rolling Stoned voted him 100 out of the greatest 100 guitarist of all
time. What a smack in the face! Lindsey is one of the most unique players
out there. That whole list sucked!?

Tuning: Try tuning to 432 Hz, and down 1/2 step in standard tuning. I
tried this and got a match. The 432 hz tuning I find really warm,
harmonious, beautiful for both singing as well as guitar. This is one of
my favorite songs by the amazingly creative and talented Lindsey Buckingham
and Stevie Nicks since I was a kid. GREAT song!?

Buckingham is one of the most under rated players on the planet.?

Great player–out of tune guitar.?

All the virtuosos with the criticism, venture out of the parents basement
first. Baby steps?

Anyone one who says JACK about the tuning on this video needs a check up
from the neck up! It is tuned down ya dicks. Ya act like it an amazing SIN
or something! Scheesh! Of shit…some one wake up Hendrix and tell him his
tuning is jacked ! Quick get a hold of ALL steel players and tell them they
are redundant. It was nice to see he did it that way instead of das kapo ?

That’s really cool, he’s got an old D-18 — never knew?

Not out of tune at all, there’s just a bit of flex and buzz in the strings
because he’s tuned down. Any moron should know this. ?