How To Stay Focused – The Key To Being Extremely Productive & Clear-Minded

How To Stay Focused – The secret of staying focused and productive at work and at home. This one technique will skyrocket your productivity. Exclusive Conten…
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Did anyone else get distracted while watching the video and start reading
the comments??

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@Louis Gallant-Talbot Try it and see. I think you’ll find that you’re
creating excuses for why you can’t focus. If you can’t focus in a library,
the problem isn’t the library, the problem is your noisy mind. Focus is
developed by training up your willpower. Stop trying to avoid the hard

I was trying to watch this video, but I got distracted…?

how are you supposed to stay focused when some distractions are impossible
to control??

Focus on one task is the hardest thing… while listening to you right
now… I am doing several things simultaneously… impossible šŸ™‚ and 90
mins??? how ? can’t even do it for 5 mins… but you are absolutely right.
Did try that before and you get more things done this way. Will try 30 to
60 mins – I work from home doing Translation and running my own business
and it is difficult to not be distracted. Thank you ?

Use text to let people focus in points that you see
some animation and graphics make videos great

Thanks for your video it’s very useful but i can’t really focus all 11 min

Now I know why I can’t focus while playing Risk with a girl I am in love
with. Multitasking.?

Yeah, external distractions are quite easy to get rid of, but what about
our thoughts? I mean, what if these are our thoughts that keep distracting
us and we cannot focus just as we would like to in a result. Like we can be
focused and productive for some time, but out of sudden we start thinking
about something and that thought takes away so much of our mind that it
cannot properly concentrate. If there is a solution for that problem, I
would love to know what it is.?

Hi I love your videos, what you say, how clearly you say it, and all your
subject matter. Someone said you looked a bit devilish and I do agree. I
think if you shaved your beard you may look even more trustworthy? Just
saying …… otherwise I think you’re great!?

Thanks you man! Short hand and clear . The key is focus and separate in a
many block in a day instead of you do it for several hours in one task but
not focus at all.

You give very powerful idea , thanks you so much :)?

Wow, needed that. I am doing this starting now!?

Thank so much for the video it’s true if we don’t take of ourselves we get
tired not knowing it’s our falt?

damn I need to study… I removed all distractions
and guess what
I would rather sit and do nothing just watching than go fucking studing
and on other hand my ambitiobs are so high

maybe someone give me drugs or sth cause I feel like I am improsoned in my
own brain like he controls me , I feel bad feeling in my mind..but on other
hand when I need to do some other things I will do it so fanatic that it is
crazy.. motivation is crazy and I am 100 % focused.. for example personal
development I am so interested in this that I would spend all my free time
doing this.. or when I have to do some other works that are not for
university am also very focused and ambitious ..hard working?

I was working away at my desk, my boss told me to come into his office. I
said, “not now, I am in the zone”. He fired me. Now I am focused on finding
a new job. ?