How To write a song: Beat Making Tutorial – How to Write Melodies to a Chord Progression

I am offering private lessons on songwriting and general music theory. Email me at thebeatschool2010@gmail.com for more details. How to write a song: Beat Ma…
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It’s a great tutorial, thanks a lot appreciate it!

+Jog Singh *dumbing* stuff down isn’t going to help anybody learn anything.
Advertising companies recognize how psychology of an individual works and
therefore use *”simple to use”* as one of their main magnets for consumers.
Because they realize that most people are simply not willing nor interested
in complex solutions.

This, however lowers the quality. Which will eventually come around and
bite you in the ass.?

This is probably a stupid question, but why do you play only the root note
of the chord progression??

Best progression tutorial on YouTube?

lmao I be messing with cmajor trying to get my basics down pat and I cant
help but make lame sounding “nursery rhyme” sounding melodies… and you
take it and make something sweet! BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!?

man i am so high! and this is a fucking awesome tutorial?

great video, you made it so easy to follow, most teachers of the
keyboard/piano move too fast but you know how to teach.?

i have to compose a song for a contest/concert?

im a hip hop producer trying to make my own melodies for my instrumentals
very helpful ?

“Post Y2K Musicology 101” I like it man! Do it, I’ll be into it!

thebeatschool I can see you try very hard to get your knowledge across, but
the problem is the way you explain is very confusing. Most those who watch
this are beginners, how will they figure out what are you saying, ” passing
note” ? Just make it simple, if the chord is not include, why use it and
confuse people ??????? No hard feeling. Just make it simple, surely you’ll
have tons on students very soon. All the best

hey man I like your tutorials I know your comment is a year old but I wantd
to say Im not a fan of music today in particularly R&B theres no soul, no
emotion, no harmony and it sounds more techno than R&B but I wantd to say
there really is no difference from wut ur showing ppl and wut u hear on the
radio its made the same way…but used to fit in with the new school so u
can have a chord progression but ull notice da way u use other instruments
will determin how u fit in to the new ifuwanto

nice tutorial! u helped me alot! keep it up)

please do a vid on how to make melodies not with chords just melodies
please cause i like this melody

i am a bass player, great video, easy to understand, practical


this melodie is simple but awesome. please write it out! it could be a
great pop song.