My Songwriting Tips

If you guys like this, I have a few more ideas for question/tutorial type videos! 🙂 Links http://www.facebook.com/kelseysnowdonmusic http://www.kelseysnowdo…
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Thanks for the tips!!!!!
🙂 :)?

you look like a combination of scarlett johansson and the overly attached
girlfriend , laina :P?

Thank u for the tips they really help a lot 🙂 you are mi inspiration for
writte my own songs <3?

This helped alot! Thanks Kelsey!! :)?

The Girl in the Video is So Pretty, I Love your eyes and you seem nice?

dios que hermosa sos ( very beautiful )?

your original songs are some of the best here on youtube, some famous
artists should learn from you 🙂 btw i like these kind of vlog videos 🙂

You did a great job explain a lot of things. And your suggestions were
straight on! I don’t think? I’d have the patients to make a video like
this. I’m sure you’ve helped a lot of people! 🙂

aww yay! you should upload your song! 🙂

I was writing right before watching this, I took your advices, and I
finished one of mu bests songs (brazilian, love your voice by the way)

Its hard to listen to what you say, because you are extremly beautiful 😛

No, sorry, like I said, I can’t write the song for you. I don’t have a
method, so it wouldn’t make sense to zero in on one part, and there’s no
way I could show myself writing that would be helpful. Sorry again, but the
best way to learn about songwriting is to just start writing, and allow
yourself time to develop as a songwriter.

I agree that not forcing you into a style it’s VERY important. A lot of
people that start with music try to follow very specific guidelines of what
they want to be… but you need to discover yourself first. Once you have a
clear mind and some experience you can automatize some things.

81st like 😀 Woo no dislikes 🙂

there are songs with less than that out there 😛

These tips were great. I agree with every single one of them and I actually
unknowingly and naturally do them all. Also, I find that it’s really
noticeable and easy to tell when someone has written a song that’s not
them, and I can tell it with my own songs too. I just stick to writing what
comes naturally and they’re always the songs that I love the most.

great video princess 😀 i loved it !!