Songwriting 101 – Writing a Pop Song Melody

Duke’s Five Part DVD Songwriting Tutorial will be available again soon!


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The most informative songwriting video I’ve ever seen. Thank you for that
it makes so much sense?

You are so true about the IDIOT BRIGADE … ( you made me laugh ) …. they
are such a pain in the ass and they always “know” your job better than you.

holy crap, serious confidence builder, tyvm for posting this video. I’ve
had writers block for a very long time because of the “idiot brigade”. I
know i need to trust myself and now i’ll fly with that message and finally
start really writing again.

good job Duke! i really enjoyed this.

Great teacher! Yes I know it’s edited but if I had a music teacher that
animated, I would have actually learned something.

you gotta have more breaks, silence is golden you know, or at least so I’m
told when used in the right context

how do i get songwriting 202? couldn’t find it on your site

whats the name of the song at 2:55 ? btw really good and informative

Any word on when and where the DVD will be available?

Actual pop music? Melody: Just hit C over and over again for the verses, in
the chorus, you can be adventurous and add a D or an A! Chords: Play a
simple, cliché, overused 2 bar chord progression over and over again. Pay
your way to fame.

Hey bro’ let me know when the DVDs are ready…

He had a very very good point. If only person likes my music, then my job
is done. The most important one person is me! Enjoy what you do, someone
else will too. Thats a fact. Be yourself, it is originality. Trying to copy
people, well isn’t that whats wrong with this world in the first place???

Awesome!! I’m looking forward to applying this to my compositions in
future. Thank you.

This is great info. Thanks for sharing. I have a ton of videos about music
licensing and how to get music in tv and films. Check out my channel if
you’re interested.

when will the DVD be ready? thanks

thank youuu, very informative and encouraging!!!