Songwriting tips. Melody or music first? An experiment in Songwriting tips

The songwriting tips in this video are eye openers for songwriters in every genre. Master this technique and you will be unstoppable even by producer standards.

A given chord progression can only yield certain notes as singable. The typical method by most songwriters is to write the music first thereby reducing the possible melody choices. How about going at it from the melody first approach? This experiment shows a mathematical comparison which blows the typical approach out of the water giving you the maximum amount of choices.

This unique approach is also organic to the individual using it. For example: If you like the major third note sung over the root in Dorian, you would obviously choose this interval regardless of whether or not the progression was written first. Either way you get triple the options.

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I believe everyone has (or develops) their methods. But still, it is a good and interesting way.

Thanks for sharing?

lol my dude os hella high, but he's helpful! Stay lit homie!?

Any good songwriter will tell you that songwriting process is different every time?

Can you please include the black keys on piano please.?

There is a problem with a assumption of this tip. The assumption is that if you develop the song first then you are doing at the expense of the melody. Although it is true that you can limit the notes of a melody with the instrumental but creating a rule to write melody first is extremely short sighted.
1. The vocal melody may not be the most important part of the song. Ultimately this rule starves creativity. If you ever wonder why all songs on the radio sound the same, this is a reason why! Conformity is the enemy of innovation. 

2. This is just a backwards way of working chord progression. If your vocals suck, it is because you didn't follow the chord progression you established with your instruments. The reverse can happen, your instrumental can suck because you didn't follow your chord progression of your establish vocal melody.

3. In some cases writing the melody later helps. I always write the instrument music first and then the melody. I establish a chord progression as a backbone to get a sense of the sound, and adjust as needed. When I write the melody I go back and adjust the chords that aren't working. If you know sheet music this isn't hard to do. In most cases it only requires minimal adjustment in certain parts, such as a chord shift. In most cases I write something in the instrumental that I like and incorporate it in the melody. Like all things, it is in the revision and editing that makes a good song

4. If the vocals are bad, it is because the vocals are badly written. It isn't because you wrote the vocals first, second, third, or last. That is just an indicator that you need to keep writing and get a better feel for writing vocals or even take singing lessons.

A better way to address this is to learn chord progression, and music theory. Those are the back bone of music writing in general.?

Do I have to be good at maths to understand this properly? I don't fully understand?

Lol @ good music on the charts. Don't hold your breath. Fuck the charts anyways. Who cares. Good music shines, with or without that manipulated popularity contest.?

This an interesting approach. One tool of many. He did not say it was the rule. He did make a good point that most riff based bands who write the rhythm parts first suffer the vocalist. It does make for a more musical song to write the instrumentation to support the melody instead of the other way around.

Try it. ?

Thanks for your tips, i hope i can follow those tips, thanks again Mr.Zeus?

The way i write songs is come up with a progression write guitar etc round the progression, structure diff parts of the song then write a vocal melody: you can always transpose to different keys to accommodate the singers vocal range and comfort.  

Its all fine and dandy saying that writing instrumentation first is the way to write songs but a lot of guitarists and bassists have no idea how keys and progressions affect vocals and just assume that a singer is shit if they struggle to sing on certain chords. ?

This, Is, The Best Songwriting Tips Ever!!?

great advice  thank you. i have personally found start off with 2 or 3 chord songs to begin with, the fun of writing will then kick in, and soon you will be looking for longer chord sequences, but still keep it simple, too many chords can sometimes spoil the broth! also record into a webcam and watch it back see how it sounds, most of all have fun and don't give up 🙂
i have just started doing my own thing, its the best hobby i know?

Thanks, Tony — great stuff.?

That was a really cool and effective way to write music!?

U had me smilling dude.. u got any more cool stuff to watch..? same dry humor i hope.. haahaha?

yeah i just keep judging myself and my playing. that's the biggest problem for me. thanks for the tips!?

Thank you… It helps a lot… ???? God bless..

is it considered copy wright if you take a piece from another song and ad it to your own???

Dude! you're awsome! 😀 thanx a lot!?

This is an amazing video. Thank you so much, this helped me a lot ;)?

with me I got a vocaloid which sing voice synthsed soft ware. I figure out the song writing tough since it take a lot expermention get the sound I want. well judgment is what get since I very judgment if does not sound the way I want it.?