TIME MANAGEMENT: 3 Quick Tips To A Productive Day

Time Management Tips: In this video I share with you 3 time management tips to help you have a productive day. I hope you find it helpful. http://www.athomewithnikki.com * * * * * * *…


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I don’t how I stumbled across your videos, but I’m so glad I did…what a
goldmine. Thank you so much!!?

Fabulous. Thanks so much Nikki x?

OMG, Nikki . . . you charmed me at *sparkle time* . . . love that word and
use it often . . . ha ha ha Love this video and all your good suggestions –

Stay sparkly,
– Jean?

Hi Nikki, I just found your channel today and I have been on it almost all
day. you have answered so many of my questions. I knew I wanted my home to
be a specific way but I did not know how to get there. In one day I have so
much information I can’t wait to get started. You are just fabulous, what a
blessing! keep up the great work.?

Really Clever, easy and definitely make sense, Thanks Nikki!!!?

I love your videos!! So informative and beautifully made! Thanks Nikki!?

Hi Nikki, I’ve just recently found your videos and I truly enjoy them. I
really liked your tip of allocating a specific amount of time to each task
and plan on using it. ;)?

You’ve been such a blessing! You have know idea! I have not been a very
organized person at home. I feel like I spin my wheels sometimes, okay, a
lot of times. How you’ve put it makes me get it! I need to actually make
appointments for the things on my to do list like I would a dental
appointment. Then I’m more apt to honor and keep these “appointments”. I’ve
had it on my schedule to clean out my refrigerator and pantry and give them
both the “nikkiover”. I will now not procrastinate, but “schedule” my time
in. Even if it is only one shelf at a time. Thank you for being the answer
to my prayers! Hugs & Blessings! Christine?

I totally connect with you about #SparkleTime! I am a creature the night
and create some of my best work then. Mornings — I’m not alert or awake
but I go sling books for 8 hours and come home, lol. Great time management
tips. I definitely noted a few pointers. Thanks!?

Nikki you’re so right that’s why I’m taking a break from social media!! We
lose so much precious time!!?

Love Love Love your term , Sparkle Time! I am gonna have to borrow that.
Thx , great tips.?

Excellent tips! Keep on sparkling Nikki! LOL. I will incorporate times like
you mentioned – I think that’s a good one! Cecilia?

I completely agree with you about the time component. It makes a HUGE
difference!!! HUGE! I used to make lists and wonder why I didn’t get
anything done. “Sparkle time”. I like that. I think more clearly at
night, too. But I still have to get up and at em and get these other folks
in here moving in the morning. LOL! Thanks for this video. Great tips!

I am a night person and get my diy projects done at night. I find I can
get so much of my sewing done at that time. I like that term “Sparkle
Time”. That is so cute!!! I’m going to use that term when I’m doing sewing
or organizing things and tell my hubby, it’s my “Sparkle Time” and I need
to do my projects. Love your videos, Nikki.?

What can we do when we can’t use our sparkle time for really important
tasks? I really wish I could do school work during my sparkle time, but at
that time, I’m at work. :/ Any advice??

Nikki…..lmbo….I just have one Que??? WHERE DID U COME FROM?????OMG I
LOVE U. U AMAZE ME EVERYTIME. I find myself saying WOW this chic is COLD
BLOODED (in a good way of course) at the end of ur videos.lol b blessed?

Thanks again! This video helps me a lot to get things together for my

Great video Nikki! I will try putting time limits on my to-do list and see
if that helps.?

Had to pause video to say this, cause I didn’t want to lose this thought.
Sparkle time… Exactly!!! I love that! I do have odd times at which my
creative juices are pumping and I get excited about things, usually, at
night. Thank you so much for pointing that out and helping me utilize that
time more efficiently. Subbed to both of your channels now. Love them, keep
up the fabulous work.?

Great tips. I often have to deactivate my facebook page for that very
reason. I get so caught up with it and then nothing else gets done.
Sparkle time…cute. I’m a morning person. I try to do things at night
and I end up falling asleep with my laptop still open and not much
accomplished. ?

Wow adding time to tasks is real eye opener! Looking forward to trying
this! Thanks again for a great video :)?

Oh my this was so helpful. I just recently started to schedule my day. Even
though I am a stay at home mom. I find myself planning things for the day
and I get behind because I spend so much time on one project that I find
myself behind for the following day, then week because I have to put off
some things to do the following day and so on. I could just stay up and do
it but I try to put in family time for my kids and husband. So thank you so
much :)?