Trap tutorial Ableton live 9 Full Produced by “TPN BEATS”

Trap tutorial Ableton live 9 Full Produced by


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does anyone know how he gets snares and the crash that would normally go
straight to an audio track into the midi and so fast???

how can i have your library sound pack??

Great tutorial man everyone else is just jealous thx man I’m gonna go make
some killer beats now ?

ay how do u get all those plugins?! everytime i try to plug somethin in it
makes it a audio clip?

ok seems like a lot of ppl have the same questions i was having and after
fucking around stuff for awhile i figured some stuff out. my biggest
question was how he got instruments like snares and hi hats that would
normally go into an audio track into a midi track so that he could mess w
them in the midi editor and piano roll. you open a midi track, drag the
instrument into the midi track at the bottom, it will then appear as the
midi track at the top with a little play button. you double click that and
it will take you into the midi note editor where you can mess w it on the
piano roll. its relatively obvious but took me some time. hope this
helps and saves you some time!?

Nice work love the drum programs.

So where is the loops lol ???? ?

How do you bring up the midi note editor for the snare, hats, etc??

Probably the best trap tutorial I’ve seen yet. Helped out a lot. Thank you.?