Tutorial: Songwriting: How to write song lyrics

Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/AlyssaTaubin I get a lot of messages asking how to write songs. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way! Sing…


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i am a 10 year old singer/guitar player and i dont have insperation?

I wanna write a song to my girlfriend could you help me?

I don’t know why but I have been getting enspire to write songs lol?

i am writing a song it is coled undested.

@crazybaby11ful from one ten year old to another i say its great

okaqq soo this is all i have cann sum1 pll messaqe mee what i shud rite
nextt i need help!!!!!!…..im soppose to be writinq a sonq cuz im soppose
to be performinq it…so plzz help (asap) if any1 no’s mee im this dude’s
cuzin kaqq plzz messagee mee okaqq here i qo, would i discover how lyf
truly is if i take a breath and find out what it this is okaqq dar’s all i
qott message me pll

@crazybaby11ful well that’s a good topic! Good luck šŸ™‚

@socialcutie92 Who cares every one puts there makup on different! And
bragging about your self is very STUPID!

When ever I write a song I always go off tpic and I cant get a good title.
I also wanna write a song about my life…Can you plz reply and help me?

i apreciate ur help but the music distracted me so i strugled hearing u as
i strugle focusing, but i really tried concerntrating and i will one day
learn how to write songs

I am a singer and a songwriter, and I have a hard time writing sometimes,
but it depends on the type of song I’m writing. <3333

I write lyrics by singing whatever comes to my mind when i’m singing the
melody, pretty unconsciously, I will record that, listen to it. When I do
that I will actually hear what the hell I was saying, because I don’t know
what i’m saying when I sing, and then I usually like some things about it
and go from there

@JBadictee321 Nah it’s ok. Thanks though.

who ever is singing in the backround tell them to shut up but any way i m
making a song thanx

That doesn’t help AT ALL!!!!!!!!!1