Advanced Dj Tutorial- Mixing Non-Electronic Songs into a Set

I this tutorial we demonstrate how to prep old songs that float in time so you can seamlessly mix them into your electronic sets. Visit this post for more info and the mp3’s used:

Advanced Tips- Mixing Rock/Live Tracks into a Set

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Host Andrew Eisele begins the program with a tutorial that introduces you to how synthesizers work in preparation for using the onboard soft synths in Pro Tools 10. You’ll learn how to set up and use Rewire instruments, and you’ll get acquainted with each of the synths in Pro Tools 10, including the Boom drum module, the DB-33 organ, and the Mini Grand piano. You’ll also explore Structure Free (an RTAS sample player), and the Xpand2 (a multi-timbral virtual synth).

Using sounds from these modules, Andrew will build up an arrangement using a variety of tools, such as combining analog and electronic drum tracks, working with loops and groove clips, and using the many onboard audio and MIDI editing tools, sound-processing effects, and utility plug-ins. In the mixing segment, Andrew explains advanced production techniques such as setting up busses, inserting dynamic and real-time effects, writing automation and applying effects, both to tracks and to the stereo bus during mastering that will give your tracks a professional edge. Throughout this video, you’ll learn many tips and tricks you can use right away to make your own productions sound amazing!


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When you reset the BPM for the "mix out loop", does it store that loop to that BPM?  Does the first "mix in loop" remain at the original BPM as well?  Or does the BPM change effect the whole track?  Thanks in advance!?


I pressed Store and then it saved the Whole Lotta Love guitar part under All Tracks. I renamed it and now I have selected the 4 bars of the vocals and press Store same as the DJ dude did but it doesn't save this time!?


Any idea where this Vestax controller can still be bought??


What is the name of your dj controller??


That was good what you did with slam, bet you're a top notch finger blaster for the lasses ?


body u are really great .. love it ?


I'm a turntablist that's learning how to mix 4 tracks at the same time. I like using a bunch of samples in a short amount of time too lol. Thats gunna be hard but I wanna be the the very best that no one ever was. Pokemon!! I'm silly.-.?