Art of Audio Recording: Recording Vocals – 4. Polar Patters: Which to Choose

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@TwitchyOnThemBeatz I have a set of the ST79’s, large diaphragm multi
pattern FET condensers and they are awesome, great mics and the ST69 tube
is slick

Hyper-cardioid is not really more directional, it simply has a smaller
pickup lobe at the rear of the mic. In effect, it’s LESS directional (more
like an omni pattern, other than at the sides).

her face @ 2:04 is hilarious!

im really enjoying these videos, but ive honestly never seen a more
uncomfortable looking group of people

what do u thnk of a sterling? i have one its a condensor mic all black for
100 dollers its pretty good but it seems very basssy and i have to compress
and eq vocals but other than that i was surprissed by the mic

very usefull thank you very much !!

I prefer the sound with omni & the extra spill when it’s the guitar and
female vocalists to cardioid! it sounds far more natural.

Fantastic video! Very informative and clear!


Thanks for all the effort you put in…it all now finally makes sense!

hated those song…but nice video

Hi. Can I ask you which camcorder you’d used for this video? Have pretty
cool quality! Thanks

both our heads in the clouds, but above them he can scream~

marvin gaye? wtf? did you just think of the first black person you could
think of? I’m surprised you didnt say Obama or Will Smith first

Very informative.. thank you!