Audacity Tutorial – Mastering an Audio Track

Just a few tips on how to master or post-mix an audio track. Thanks for watching!
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Mastering Dance Music in Ableton Live Part 3: Final EQ and Limiting

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In the final part of our Mastering in Ableton Live tutorial, mastering engineer Alex Zinn does some final EQ tips, gives some saturation tips and shows you how to limit for maximum volume.

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So if I have vocals I'm supposed to mix the vocals and the beat than come back and do all this?

my buddy asked me to watch this video through my laptop speakers. couldn't believe it. he told me to look for the difference especially when the engineer compares the processed to the unprocessed. it blew my mind the differences in quality. obviously, i couldn't hear every little detail but of what I could hear was huge. I eventually tried it on different speakers and eventually in the studio but this video has been a huge help to introducing me to mastering.

Thank you so much for putting this series up.?

are you using 'oversampling' for the EQ8 or Glue comp??

That RMS meter is moving fast! Are you really measuring the RMS of your track correctly? It seams to me that you're only measuring the loudness of your peaks…?

could you explain the settings on the spectrum analyzer? 
Also, what should come first in case you use it, a maximizer like sausage fattener, or the limiter, and what's the difference between the two??

Very good tutorial cheers PB.?

+Alex Zinn – I have been watching PBs videos for a few years now, and the head of the school JC says that we shouldn't have too much of a wide stereo field in the mix for clubs.  But, at the end of this video, both the vocal and effects are very wide both on my TV and through monitors.  Would this not work in a club?

Loved this series and am about to try it on my own tracks 🙂

Thanks for any response, peace!?

Fantastic series of videos Alex and I love how you kept to the stock plugins. I now feel a little more confident about reaching for that damn multiband compressor too… ;)?

Reminder to myself to watch the full series?

Can i have the track name and where to find it? :)?

I ran into some problems when using this method .. each copy of multiband compressor creates micro-delays on mono bus (which absent on stereo bus).  In result – significant phase issues on SUM BUS.?

No backups for 14 days… I too like to live dangerously.?

You should have turned down the level of your mastered version not used a limiter on the dry, when comparing A/B. As the dry version was being compressed (so it's not dry)?