Audio Recording tutorial #06 with Jonathan Clark – Sample Rate, Sample Size, & Binary

This video is a theory video. I talk about sample rate (frequency), sample size (bit depth), and go into an explanation of how binary works. This video won’t…
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Really fantastic, thanks so much.?


I have no problem with burning music whatever the format and bitdepths,
just use a good burning program that can read different formats, like Nero

Another matter, if you record in the highest possible 48/192khz quality and
then downsample it will be better then if recorded on say 16bit 44100khz
straight away. If i record i record over the standard and the downsample,
especially if been remastered. the result is mindblowing.

And i dont use mp3 other then for mixtapes and edits, shared on internet,
if at a gig i use Flac HQ or Wav 16/44.1 or 24/96 on CDJ 2000 . . . If you
wanna save space (not much) but anyway, ripp from cd or convert the higher
end audiofiles to FLAC, as its only a container like zip or rar, and dont
loose any soundquality at all, but cuts down on storage!
especally if you like me use SSDs?


Your Definetly a Pro…Music sounds so simplistic but such a Science it
is…Very thought out explanations on extremely confusing topics..Dr.
Bolivia..Not gonna go to the extreme like another person commented but
AMAZING repoitoire of Skills you possess..You might have even opened my
eyes to another genre of Music I never took the time to understand..Peace?


forget that last comment this video is FUCKING AMAZING !!!!!!


Dude…your a genius…I am just in construction at my new studio in
Georgia! Need to get you out to help with acoustical design of rooms


thank you very much for this video, i’m from morocco