Cubase 4 Tutorial: Recording Audio (Part 2 of 2)

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@rebirthscoming This should work automatically.

@mikeportnoyfan The easiest thing will be to Select All (Ctrl+A on a PC,
Command+A on a Mac) and then click the letter ‘P’ on your computer
keyboard. That will automatically set the markers around all your parts.
btw, once you’ve done that, you’ll clearly see where the markers start and
end, try manipulating the end points so you’ll learn how to set them on
your own without the quick key commands.

Yes, the Fast Track Pro is about the minimum you’d want to get but it will
indeed enable you to make comprehensive recordings.

Hi I think your right I’m using Cubase SE. The way Im doing this I have my
computer hooked up to a line mixer. The little jacks on the back for hook
of speakers then there is the line in line out jack. I’m not using an audio
Interface so that’s why it’s recording the way that it is. I’m using a
Guitar effects processor that running into the line miver that is sending
the signal to cubase se to record. What kind of audio interface do i get.
how do i hook it up to use with cubase. Thank you

I am attempting to use a Logitech USB Microphone for Cubase 5, but I do not
know how to install it, why I can’t record with it, or why I can not hear
myself, etc. Please help me record vocals, someone, anyone. I am very
confused with this program šŸ™

How can I record with guitar rig 4?

@rebirthscoming Your mixer is problem, it’s sending all its channels to
your computer at the same time and that’s why your drums are getting
recorded over your guitars. Try plugging your guitar effects processor
directly to the input of your computer, bypassing your mixer entirely.

but wen i use it for recordin vocals they only play on the left side

@vxnice Under the File Menu, select Export -> Audio Mixdown. From there you
can select to export as an mp3 file.

@rebirthscoming What version of Cubase are you using? What audio interface
are you using? Which template are you choosing when you first create new
projects in Cubase? Cubase does not normally do what you’re describing so I
believe the issue is either happening because of your audio interface or
because of a particular template/setup you’re using.

When you select a track to record on, you’ll notice that the track’s record
arm button (the red button) will turn on. To record on multiple tracks,
simply turn on the record arm buttons of the additional tracks.

i cant record my guitar, i have no idea what im doing. (i use the m audio
fast track)

@JRRShop I tried it again yesterday but It’s recording the Drum track onto
the new track where I’m recording the Guitar track. What I’m wanting to do
Is just hear the drum track that’s already been recorded while I record the
next Guitar Track. Am I doing something wrong and If so what Is it. Is
there someting that I need to activate so I just hear it in the mix thank
your for your help

Hi I’m sending you another reply to your Info please send me back a
response so I can tweak this problem. Thank you again I posted it just
below youe last response.

Hi maybe you can help me, I have Cubase se I just wanted to know let’s say
you’ve recorded a drum track. And then your going to record a new Guitar
track. THE FIRST DRUM TRACK has already been recorded. How do you listen to
that drum track just for play back without it being recorded to the Guitar
track. Please help thank you

@MERT454 You may have it routed directly to its own audio output. Change
that to the main output.

I have Cubase LE4, I created a group track for all guitars to add effects.
When I go to export mixdown, I get either the group channel by itself, or
the stereo mix without the guitars. I can’t figure how to route the group
channel to be included in the final stereo mixdown.

will a tascam us-122l work with this