Cubase 8 Quick Start Videos Chapter 1 Getting started

This chapter introduces you to the world of Cubase.


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Cubase 8 is amazing šŸ™‚ I started a series of video tutorials on Cubase 8. Check it out!

where's the tutorial on How To Write Sure-Fire Hit Songs??

What's a USB-eLicenser? Do I need to buy this separately??

very nice i just buy cubase 8 pro and it good stuff but i need learn a lot but very interesting Ā and thanks i will study carefully all chapters i could?


Quick question. This may sound silly but I'm completely new to home recording/recording programs in general. Me and my friend want to go halves on the price of buying Cubase 8 for our projects but as the program uses a license, does this mean it can only be used/installed on one PC, or multiple PC's, as we both want it our personal PC's?



L.Alejandro Masie – it is running on mine but guess you already found out ;-)?

Honestly I wouldn't recommend Poobase 8 to anyone because it's not as advertised, less CPU usage is false advertisement!!!

Don't believe me go to Steinbergs website s forums its not just I that spent my hard earned money on a program that doesn't do what it's advertised to do use less CPU.

If you have Cubase 5 to 7.5 Do Not upgrade until Steinberg delivers on there advertised features!

I've used Cubase since it came out on the Atari and still have it, this is my 6th version and so far it's killing my 64bit i5 8ram pc CPU the same projects work fine on 7. So now I have to stop using 8 because it's useless for me atm.

Hurry up and deliver on your advertising Steinberg it's why we updated to 8 !! ?

They should rename the eLicenser to eHeadache.?

It is really hard to see the cursor even at full screen, as it is the same color as the project window – it would be great if you could enlarge it and make it a different color.Ā  And may I add, the background music is annoying and superfluous, I don't need to be entertained as I learn the program!Ā ?

can i run Cubase 8 on Mac os x 10.7.5??