Cubase Beginner Tutorial Lesson 1 : Getting Started (BornToProduce.com)

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Cubase 7 Quick Start Video Tutorials - Chapter 1 - Getting started

This chapter introduces you to the world of Cubase.


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If you are a beginer like me this is the GREAT starting point! Helped me a lot. Thank you for making these tutorials :)?

Fantastic tutorial, my friend. Thank you. Very amusing, informative, and organized… everything I could possibly want within one! Switchin' to cubase after 6 years with the same DAW, so- you helped out BIG time! :D?

I hate cubase, it looks like a huge mess and its too expensive! I'm sorry but no DAW is better than ableton?

thank you verry much for the lesson ,i realy was verry fraiting from it like if am going to fly with plane to onother planet now am verry confedent thank you verry much?

Argh! Cubase is sooo annoying! Can't even get through this basic tutorial. When I click on the sounds to preview there is no sound so it's difficult to select one. Once I do import in when I alt click and drag it just makes empty boxes with no sound :(?

Hi! I just wanted to say that this is great. Amazing explanations and great attitude – you made it simple and fun. Thank you so much :)?

Why does the piano key never regeister with the keyboard numbers??

I've just bought Cubase Elmetes. However no sound is coming out even though I've gone to devices and clicked VST.. What is the correct way ??

Hi there boys. Good to see that you're alive and kicking, because I need som help. I've just started in Cubase. I've finally come so far I'm able to record. But when i speak or sing into the microphone I can't hear myself in the headphones. Why is that? What must I do??

Its a great tutorial. You jump right in and get your hands dirty…I like that.?

I just bought cubase 7 elements, when i pressed CTRL + P and try to import drums, kicks.. etc there is nothing there. Did I just buy this software for no reason? If I need to buy a pack or something, could someone send me a link or something? I'm a noob, so I don't have a clue what I am doing?

Can anyone tell me how I can get Artist 7 to show in yosemite , I have installed it , but can find it ……?

Has anyone tried this with the triton taktile? Let me know. ?

I just have bought Cubase Artist and I was looking for a tutorial.  Is the same tutorial for Artist version than the Cubase Pro? Thanks!?

+Steinberg  please change your playlist so it doesn't begin with chapter six, really unusual way to set that up.?

Can someone help me out? I don't know if i will explain this in other for you to understand but i'll try my best.

So my problem is: In the program when i listen to it, it sound wonderfull and just the way i want but when i extract it like mp3 wav whatever when i get to record it sound like total shit like no bass and it sounds like it wasnt treated at all like everything just copied and pasted and done just horrible, i tried difrent audio players, i tried put a little more bass but its not that its just that it sounds like pure crap. i Have a pretty decent pioner headphones, a good condenser microphone i have all that and i sounds awesome when listening to it in the program its just when i export it, why? what might i be doing wrong??

Hi there, just looking for a little help. I have projects running on cubase elements 7 and have now just purchased the boxed version of 7.5. How do I open Elements files in cubase 7.5? Thanks folks, C?

Is Cubase 7 the same thing as Cubase LE 7 ????

muy buen tutorial nesesitaba algo asi esta facil de entender esta en ingles pero le active los subtitulos gracias por este curso?

I need some help guys. How do you bring up the bottom toolbar control, I've lost it and I don't have the top one either (play, stop, rec, tempo etc)?

I tried 6 times to open the tutorial and gives me an error and a black screen. Upon opening "Learn More" all it tells you to reopen in 30 minutes, but still the same problem. Can somebody help me.
Thanks, Raul ?

This is very helpful tutorial! Thanks!!?

how do i get sound on cubase it records but theres no sound?

hello, i need some help i m making Audio books through Zoom H6 but i can't found on cubase actually me new in this field please help for noise reduction & how to mix some sound with vocal & how to import new files in cubase please help me?

Very good basic tutorials, they are designed to get you going in your cubase pojects, that's all they are.You need buy some books on the subject and experiment & buy the software.?

I have Cubase 7,5 Artist on PC there is no such thing as a help menu search function as described in the video at 5:59.?

Play something…..play something……?