Cubase Tutorial 1 – Recording Audio

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Filmmaking 101 - How to Record High Quality Audio on a Budget

Learn the equipment and skills you need to be a great sound technician/boom operator on your film set! This is a perfect sound recording tutorial for an HDDS…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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the corporate voice is really annoying to listen to, but really good
tutorial :)?

i love how you say “out” are you canadian??

Can you tell me why my feedback is late on the microphone??

When I do this, (I recorded some drum playing) Can Cubase show the nodes
for what I’ve played on my drums? if it can how do I do it??

This was great I just Love Cubase?

I have problem, when I play my guitar I there is sound in speakers, but no
signal inside cubase 5 therefore when I pick a string nothing happens and
no record sound?

if i ever felt discouraged id lisen to this guys voice saying “my first
cubase project” over and over again

Thank you soo much for this , itsaved me getting very frustrated !!!! šŸ˜€

How can i connect my Digitech RP250?

question? this version of cubase, support vst instruments? support plug
ins? waves, izotope etc?

Great tutorial, just what I was looking for!! Thanks bro

i can hear my mic but it doesnt record to cubase and it was an hour ago
???? please help

Don’t get frustrated people when you have done this a few times you’ll find
it easy. What your doing is creating the digital wiring so to speak to
connect the inputs & output’s a biit like plugging in a microphone then
your speaker but digitally.Cubase will need to know this information as
it’s not auto detected you’ll need to tell it. This guy actually missed the
first part of setting yoour driver. I’m running out of letters so i’ll
carry on on another post.

I only have input and output? help.

can you use an adapter from 3.5mm to 1/4″ jack and not lose quality??

What is your go-to lens, and I’m not talking L-Glass??

always remember say “SOFTSTICKS” when in front of talents face, and close
the slate, don’t slam it, I doubt Christian Bale would appreciate you
breaking his method…;)?

solar plexus, solar plexus, solar plexus…?

A great alternative to the Zoom H4n that is cheaper is the Tascam DR-05.
(Or the higher end ones.)?

Is it obligatory to use sound recorder to achieve excellent sounds?

Or… Can I juat use rhe mic input on thr camera with good mics? ?

This is the second time I am hearing about syncing the clap in the audio
with the video. I do not understand that bit. Could you please elaborate?
What’s the thing about syncing the clap??

quick question, why are mics necessary when the recorder has zoom mics on

holding it up with the mic facing down at the mouth is ideal the persons
voice and “sound waves” travels up when speaking it also travels in other
directions but its a general rule when you can put the mic slight above the

at 11:36 you spoke about record format. When I click REC in the menu, I
only see 2 options. I see Auto REC and File Name Date. I don’t have an
option switch the record format to something else. I currently have mine
set at 44.1/16. Do I need to change it to 4CH or MTR to get access to those
options that I am not seeing in Stereo mode??


hello Steve, i have been watching some of your tutorials and they are
really awesome. keep it up.
Steve please i wanna know, do you have to turn of the internal mic rec of
the camera off when you are using a boom mic or external mic for the
recording? ?

FYI decibels aren’t just used to measure sound.?

I know that interview audio wasn’t the topic of the video, but could you
please tell me what lapel mic setup you’re using? I’m doing a gaming talk
show with a friend, and need to capture our voices without much room sound.
Thanks in advance for any info you may offer. I appreciate it. ?