Dan Walker | Mastering in Logic Pro | Watch and Learn

Learn how to quickly master in Logic Pro X.

Remember this is a quick fix to make your music loud within Logic, this is not a substitute for professional mastering.

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mine goes in the red all of the time. frustrating as hell.?


This is very good but just wanted to add only EVER use Linear Phase Eq on the master and also open the triangle at the bottom of adaptive limiter and set "remove dc" to OFF and Mode to "Optifit" then play with the Lookahead to get it as warm or as cold as you like it sounding , move it slowly and listen!!!!!?


Thanks for the video – help me a lot with house music!?


What is considered proper professional sounding? What programs do engineers use to master music??


Thanks for this video. Very helpful and informative. The track I'm working on occasionally slides a little into the red zone on the MultiMeter. What's the best way to go about fixing this??


+Dj Revolver It's actually the stock compressor in Logic X. It's just a new skin, though I believe it's essentially the same algorithms/compressor ems as in Logic 9's stock comp though with a couple of extra features like a drive setting and mix adjust so you can run the compressed signal in parallel to the original. It's a nice new look!?