DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial

This video will give you an overview of mixing Hip-Hop including cutting and scratching.

Music Used:
Singularis – Northern Lights – Cold Busted

Singularis – Candle Light – Cold Busted


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I don't have one but i want to be a dj need help?

Where can I download tracks to practice scratching and mixing? I'm a beginner hoping to get this soon!?

Is it DJ Alan from Hangover??

where can i find this sampler you where scratching on!??

Okay so I have never touched any DJ equipment before so I'm really a beginner. I bought this but I don't understand what program I should use to actually mix and upload my music onto. I tried Virtual DJ v.7.4 however I doesn't detect the mixer. Help anyone??

And I like your Staple pigeon hoodie?

you. are. lovely. i love this thanks?

That dj set does not work at all but only if your lucky
I had that dj set before and it did not work at all and even the dj set connented to the conputer won't even work so don't buy ot?

Can someone tell me some songs like these that can practise on?

Beautiful…Show some love and check out my channel as well :)?

what kind of sample were you using? was it an actually part of a song, or a sample track? ?

I bought a new ddj sb, and while it will play through my headphones, it won't play through my computer, I have win 8.?