Documentary Filming Tips & Tricks: Audio Equipment – Filmmaking Tutorial 19

Watch all my video & photo tutorials here: http://goo.gl/NsKFl PART 1: http://youtu.be/_8sr1CswWcE In this part 2 of 2 tutorial I explain some helpful tips to keep in mind when shooting a…


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how do you transfer a documentary to a dvd ? with pictures included .
do you need a software to edited with word & peice it?

Hi. Can anybody or you, plz help me/others with a unique topic, not
explored very often:
making a film w/out audio crew?

Here’s my thoughts so far:
For dialogue,
1. Give each actor a hidden ZoomH1 and their own wired lav. OR
2. Place Zoom H1’s or lavs hidden on set, or just off camera. But option 1
is better i assume, no?

Other ideas/reactions?

Next, For the sound effects

1. You could “plant” lav mics in strategic places,

2. You could “plant” field recorders by themselves in strategic places,

3. Or tell me what you think of this idea:

what about doing a take twice, and the second time not doing any video, but
repeating scene
as exactly as possible and having lavs attached to actor’s legs (for
footsteps) or arms (for doors etc.) unconventional i know, but could it

any other ideas? thanks for any help. i think a lot of this could benefit
from creative ideas regarding running sound w/out any crew.
thanks again!


Thanks for this Tom, been pondering on how to shoot my docu without a crew
and still get good audio etc. This was really helpful.?


Amazing work, especially considering it’s run-n-gun! Kudos! One question –
how were you able to keep such good focus on your subjects without a
monitor, follow focus or assistance on the fly?!? The 7D doesn’t even have
a swivel screen, so the glare from the sun alone would have killed your
ability to check it visually in most of these… really curious what you
did to make sure all your shots were usable. Thanks! :)?


Great tips. When you use the digital recorder, do you ever need to mic u
your subject, or just hold the recorder close to them??


Hey Tom! Love your videos. This video inspired me to buy the H4 recorder.
However I’ve struggled to get any results anywhere near pro quality. Could
you please please do a tutorial on how to use the H4 in different
situations eg dialogue indoors, outdoors motorbike sounds, foley etc? Yours
Hopefully, FTV?


+Katherine Szewczyk Did you end up going with The c100 and shotgun or the
zoom H4? I currently use the C100 with a shotgun and it works well, I would
like to hear how the zoom compares???


I have an H4N and I agree, that is one of the best little recorders. easy
portable, can use XLR & RCA mics, plus the built in mics are really good
too. ?


Just did my first day of shooting with a Zoom H1. Ended up with a
collection of mov’s and another collection of wav’s. How do you organise
them so you know which sound file belongs to which video file? Time based?
Do you rename them?

Btw, thx for your video’s. This is one of my favorite channels. Love your


OMG I was totally distracted at 4:40=)))) What a beautiful shape and


Wow! nice job Tom Antos I have Learned Something from you and i really love
your documentary keep it up….thank you.?


I loved the video thanks. Can you tell me how you added your voice to the
video you just did and removed all the other sound? Also how you re-input
the sound of the interviews in this demonstration video? Was that done in
the editing phase and what equipment or program did you use?
Thanks so much?