Elgato Audio Balance & Game Chat Recording Tutorial

Elgato Game Capture HD: http://bit.ly/Y3Rjlf Audio Diagrams: http://imgur.com/HhPt1Q8,tVpTV4l Audacity: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ How to Livestream wi…
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I have a quick question, so the elgato can’t pick up your voice? Do you
need a separate recording device for that connected to you pc??

My headset is a Razer Carcharias Gaming headset, but when I plug it into my
computer the USB doesn’t register… Please help.?

Also I recorded a gameplay with the gamechat, but it didn’t record my
voice. I had live commentary enabled to begin with.Then I went back and
recorded the games I wanted through the flash back feature. Is this why it
didn’t capture my voice but it had the rest of the gamechat? Does the
software not store what’s recorded in the mic ( making my voice not in the
flash back recording)??

My problem is that when anything is recorded on Elgato, all voices are
always much higher than it really should be.?

Whenever I record myself playing and doing a live commentary, my voice will
be a second ahead from that exact moment. Like a some type of lag. My
connection is always perfect so it couldn’t be that. Please help.?

You lost me once you started talking about the headsets/mics and how to put
them through both with a “mix amp” or whatever..?

How do I remove background noise??

Does this record party chat too??

How will this work on ps3. where can I hear others and myself? ?

This is cool, thanks! One problem I’ve been dealing with is audio balance,
usually the game fx is louder than game chat voices or even my voice. Every
time I tweak it, it gets a bit better. Guess’ll have to keep messing around
with it until I find the right fix.?

Thanks! I’m planning to get an elgato soon so I’m adding this to
favourites! ?

every time i record i can hear myself on the software but when i use
windows player to check out the vid i can only hear the game audio ?

So basically it will record my friends but they won’t be able to hear

I’m trying to do this with my Xbox One using the Elgato as well. I can
record my partys chat, my own chat and the game audio pretty well but the
problem I’m experiencing is there is echo with my partys chat in my
recording. I was not using a mic at all, instead using the Kinect to chat
because thats the only way to get party chat in my recording. But how do I
get ri of the echo? Also, +Drift0r , could you maybe include the picture of
the setup you have your microphone set up? Like whats connected where and
how it works. Thank you.?

Alright so I was recording with my friends. I have a headset plugged into
my computer to record the Live Commentary and I also have one plugged into
my XBOX to talk to my friends. Now I understand that the one plugged into
my XBOX doesn’t record my mic as shown in his diagram. But the one plugged
into the computer does record my voice. I have my XBOX Voice Preferences
set to Play Through Both so it plays through the headset and the speakers
to record my friends audio. But when I finish recording my friends’ voices
are very quiet. Is there any way to boost there volume? I have my XBOX
preference game volume set to 1. Do I have to adjust the voice setting in
game? Please Help.?

What kind of headset do you use??