Getting started with Ableton Live – Part 3: Recording Audio

Part 3: Recording Audio See the whole series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoh4MB-kbBmIG2bcgdXECd4vmnCQpJko0.
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The “Audio Form” tab doesn’t show on mine.?

Can I record 2 separate Audio-Lines at the same time. For example 1:
Guitar, 2: Voice?
Doesn’t seem to work??

How do i put a already beat into ableton live and record to it please help
me asap?

How do I put a beat already made to live and record vocals to that please
help me asap god bless?

I can Record but I can’t hear anything that I record. AN sometimes Live not
responses and the programs close. Anyone have this problem??

cant hear anything on the playback.?

I don’t get that in-out-window.. even if i click on the i/o button it will
light up but I dont see the options on the track.. ?

gg…ahahahha , i have just got a focursrite interface!!!?

I am trying to set up my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 but struggling at the
moment. I can’t hear Ableton Live as there is no sound from my PC speakers
when the interface is connected. If I plug some speakers into the interface
will I then be able to hear Ableton Live through them? I cant hear Ableton
Live in my headphones.?

damn 😀 i couldnt laugh more, ive been searching how to record my guitar in
mono a didnt know it was so easy ,,, thankssssss 4 the videooooooo :)?

<3 you mann !!!!!!!! :) :oooooo ?

These are great tutorials. Thank you so much?

Im using a microphone and can only hear the beat through my mac and not the
headphones. How do i fix this?!??

Its really feels like:
-“Hi, my name is Jesse, and you’re retarded :).”

Great tuto btw aha ?

Yo i got that inerface n i get clipping when on instrument level with a
guitar without turning the pre-amp up and the pad sounds like shit?

Thank you Jesse, you’re a bro?

too fast and not enough detail , please add another tutorial on recording?