by Edward Unger

The school initially started with a recording studio,Blue Sound Studios LLC, in Atlanta, Ga.

This is an interesting story. In 1998/99 I was living in Decatur, GA and I just got robbed. My first electric guitar, 4 track recorder, keyboard, drum machine, rack gear and even my vcr’s remote control got stolen… they were pretty thorough…

I didn’t have anything to work with so in the span of a year I read upwards a sum of 40-50+ books from everything on creating music while I was waiting for my insurance check to come through.

After 3 years of recording myself and other artists, I had started hosting free songwriting workshops in Atlanta, advertising in the creative loafing and getting people together to share their songs, frustrations and had an open mic where a few artists got to perform for the very first time.

Through that experience there was a shift from people wanting studio time to wanting to run their own studio… so for the price of studio time, clients sat in recording sessions and learned about music production, recording and ‘how to’ question answer sessions..

Shortly afterward, this led to the ‘first version’ of our curriculum that featured in studio classroom style training with Blue Sound Studios. The second version of the curriculum featured phone and internet training. This opened up the door to training people around the globe.

The current version of the 7 Lesson Course features a unique combination of online access, phone and email support. A student’s home studio becomes their recording school, they receive one on one mentoring support and included music business and life coaching development.

With this version the curriculum got a name change to The Computer Music Production School

Getting robbed gave me a chance to start my studio over from scratch and do it right. After all my study, I knew exactly what I needed to start a studio and what was cool is through the experience an unanticipated door opened up that led to me developing The Computer Music Production School.

Looking back it still is an amazing time in my life. I was able to go from having nothing, to making myself valuable, and then passing that information on to those around me.


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