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Yes.. and better yet, you'll receive 24/7 hands on training.

Hands on training is not sitting in a studio, behind a console or operating gear tweaking knobs or fiddling with faders. Hands on training is when you are alone working on a track while meeting a deadline. This is what separates producers from posers - can you get results and can you do it quick?

We offer hands on training that gives guaranteed results and is proven to be the most effective to get all this information in your long term memory. Everything is about knowledge. Only by having the knowledge and experience of all the tools involved can you be productive with hands on training to hear the industry standard results.

During this Music Course, you will be given new information in each lesson and then have homework to get your 24/7 hands on training with your own equipment. You will be making beats, recording, mixing and mastering in each of your lesson homework assignments. Each of these homework assignments will need to be completed before moving to the next lesson. You’ll also have custom support from us directly to help you through unique troubleshooting, extra questions or any other support needed during the Course.


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