4. What skills will a student have after completing the course, do they receive a certificate or anything?

-Students will learn from start to finish how to create radio ready music using their own equipment.
-They will get mentored and trained on how to network and promote their music business vision.
-We will help develop a  personal music business plan according to their goals and resources.

Let’s take a look at this from a business standpoint again:
Colleges and audio institutes charge $7-$50k to get a certificate but there is no solid way to make income that justifies the cost. Not to mention the percentage of certificates that give jobs in the music industry are at an all time low. There are more people wanting to do music than there are jobs.

I have personally spoke with over 30+ people who have ‘certificates’ and spent 1-4 years, $7,000 to $50,000 and they still don’t know how to mix and master their own music let alone how to put together their own music business. I have watched friends, peers and clients wait years on other people to record and produce their music yet they were still unsatisfied with the results.

now all of this has to do with the certification process.

Instead of getting a certificate, think about what you can do with $7-$50k:

  • Invest in building your business and website
  • Invest in your studio and additional equipment for your business office
  • Invest in your graphics, log, presentation to start your business
  • Invest in photo shoots and video shoots.
  • Duplciation for your first album and pay for the cost of your first album’s website.
  • And still have money left over for unseen additional business expenses
  • best of all your money doesn’t have to be spent all at once.

People in the music industry are more interested in how you can help them
more than ‘how you learned’ how to help them.

At the end of the day your certificate and degree is the music. It’s also a person’s value.
What you create coming from you own studio.

-Either its radio ready or its not.
-Either you know what you’re doing or you don’t.

Being in the music business as a profession is about being an entrepreneur, an independent contractor and branding yourself with a value that can help people.

Anyone can make music, everyone has talent and anyone can learn.
But not everyone can finish. That’s the difference between hobby and professional.

This is the challenge that our 7 Lesson course provides a solution.
A foolproof plan to get results.

Now don’t get me wrong, certificates have their purpose. If you want to be a jazz musician or opera singer, by all means, a college education is what’s needed. However, for someone wanting to run a studio, be an artist or producer, the facts just don’t add up with investing in a certificate. Our course provides realistic results instead of certification.


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