How to Record Audio using Audacity

A short tutorial on how to use Audacity. *EDIT* I found what looks to be a very nice 10-part video tutorial on recording with Audacity called “The Newbies Gu…
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+arvind padhiar Cubase and Ableton Live 9 both have a feature where you can
convert any audio file to midi, works pretty well?

Thank You so much!!!!! You really took the guesswork out of this, because
everything looked so confusing. Thank you!?

hi , nice demo now I new something different, I am new here to use audacity
can you tell me how can I convert mp3 to midi file and where to save and
play with my piano keyboard? thank you.?

You can record direct audio from your computer too, like songs, and convert
to MP3 after downloading the LAME. I show how with a video on my channel.
And Audacity is FREE now. FYI?

thanks for the video very helpful tips and now i can rock out?

Dude i want record something from my pc, like i want record david guetta
bad, i need a program for it ;(?

Thanks this was very helpful :D?

That was SO helpful, I usually can’t find helpful stuff about such things!
Thank you!?

I can’t see my recording device, what should I do? ?

But your sound quality is not good :-/ background rustle is louder as your

How do you eliminate background noises like A/C and fan? -_-?

Thank you! very helpful for a beginner.?