How to set up your audio interface and record audio

Leonard from Kosmic takes you through all the steps necessary to get your new audio interface set up with your computer and ready to record audio. In this de…


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Hi Brian. Its difficult to know exactly where your issue may be, but if you
are missing software options or the computer cannot ‘see’ the interface, it
could be an install issue.
If everything has installed correctly, then depending on your microphone,
it could be an issue with gain and/or phantom power selection. Hope this

Hi KingPyro. Pro Tools Express will only work with the Avid Mbox, Mbox mini
and some other Avid hardware that it comes bundled with. However, the
Presonus Audiobox interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools 11. Please refer
to this article for more information on the subject:

Can you record from both channels at the same time? Say one mic for vocals
and one for guitar? ?

Hey Kosmic.
So, I just bought the Audiobox iTwo studio version, and I am able to record
both vocal and guitar. But adding effects and other instruments doesn’t
seem to work; it only shows a template, where you are able to adjust a lot
of things, but no sound comes out.
I really hope you can help.?

Hello, do you need a audio interface like a steinberg ur 22 wich comes with
cubase AI to connect it between a Yamaha Tyros 3, M-Audio 62 and a Pc?
Or is software enough? Thank you for you’re reaction, Grettings from

im a rapper and i bought a motu ultralite mk3 hybrid and i live in algeria
the ppl here are soo dumb including mee even the owner dont know how to
help me plz your my last chance could you make a tutorial i know how to
plug it with a pc and i instaled the programe what i dont know is how to
use is the mic i bought with her is a takstar sm 7b and i dont know how to
configer my muto so it can work along with the mic to record good sound.?

Great video dude. I am going to start voiceover work soon and this does
help.Thanks brother.?

Hi i have a lenovo z50-70 intel core i5, 4210u Dual-Core with 2x 1.70 GHz
with Turbo Boost 2.7GHz,
3MB Cache; NVIDIA GeForce 840M Grafik
8 gb ram – and 500gb SSD Notebook
Will this be good enough for home recording studio???
Music & Audio recording ????

Thank you Leonard… I know how boring it probably had been for you doing
so basic stuff to show us.. Bus I really appreciate it. Thanks for great
tips :)?

Do both discs come with this package? Meaning the software and the disc
with the drivers on it?

can u use a condenser phantom mic into left mic input and a dynamic mic
with no phantom needed on right input mic,,,both recording and listening at
the same time..do u just push in phantom power button to operate mic one
and mic 2 still be workin also..?

My laptop dont have a cd drive on it, but can i still use the audio
interface ??

Hi Leonard,I have an M-Audio interface and Ableton Lite 9 intro. I can
record ok,but I can’t hear the playback! Everyone I talked to says I have
my computer set up right, but I can’t play along with a track I can’t even
hear ! M-Audion says it’s not on their end,..and Ableton hasn’t been able
to walk me thru it ! I need help bad ! any suggestions ? I have a Dell
computer with Windows 8.1 -32 bit.?

And how do you listen to a track while recording vocals? (Sorry forget to
this last time)?

What do you tend to use for recording sound for your youtube videos??

+Kosmic Will the Audiobox work for the Audio Technica AT2020? I want to be
sure before i go and buy it.?

Hi Brian,
I am a complete novice and I followed your instructions. However, at the
point where you set the phantom power, I do not get any signal from my
microphone after pressing record. I double checked the connections. Any
idea what could be wrong? Thank you!?

Can you use this to record drums?????

why buy and interface such as a rem baby face for $750.00 when your
endorsing a $99 presonus interface??

Hi Kosmic,

I have a keyboard with MIDI in/out function. I’m trying to understand, can
my keyboard act as an audio interface for recording music? Can I, for
example, plug in my bass guitar into the keyboard, or is it a must have to
have a an actual audio interface?

Thanks for your help! ?

Can you use a HP or does it have to be pa or mac??