Live Sound Mixing Tips and Tricks

In this video Dave Bode looks at some tips and tricks for mixing live sound. He looks at managing the low end as well as utilizing tools to help clean up a bumpin’ mix.

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My god.. the editing skills in this video… You have some interesting things to say, but the cutting between shots and cutting the audio is pretty bad :D?

I've been running sound for several churches and church event, but I'm not an expert. I need all the help I can get. The more I learn the better I get. So please help. I've been called a genius and I've been complimented for my mixing.?

I want to know what's the best noise eliminator equipment for a live band…?

Thanks Dave! Next time your in tampa I'd like to hear what you do. ?

This guy knows what he's talking about FUCK 540 HZ. 

I ALWAYS cut this frequency. In mixing, recording, and live sound?

Hello, if you adjust the sound for one vocalist, is it going to sound decent if anyone uses it??

I get that. But have you ever seen a guitar amp at the front edge of stage, pointed at the guitar player like a wedge monitor, head on? I haven't. I know, I know. We like to have our guitar amps behind us or to the side of us.?

Thanks Dave!.. great video, very informative..?