Logic Pro 9 Tutorial – Mixing Techniques (Part #1)

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General Mixing techniques used for mixing any type of music. This video goes over useful plug-ins and then how to efficiently mix your song using the volume sliders in the mixing window.
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i want to ask that logic pro is that will work any other computer accept apple . like sony , lg , dell,?

quik question my sound isnt playing nor do i hear it  when i go to the oiano roll i see a clear bar with white line around it what does that mean plz answer back soon or tell me how to fix it?

Nice videos boi.
props from London.?

Nose scratching musicans all around the planet-

Hi Mitch
I'm new to logic please tell me A to Z how do I record a drum beat in logic from the logic drums in app. So what steps from new file to drum record to playback and my drumbeat is there ? Please inform. Because looks like I'm recording drum but no drum on my track ?
What is the thing I'm doing wrong please ? And also can the drums be a bit noisy like distortion or is this because you need studio speakers not Hifi speakers ??

How do you remove the background static from your voice. I am in a quiet room whenever i record but static always seems to come ?

thank u man i have been looking for these techniques?

I've Learned quite a bit off this video thanks a million.?

Whats the best way to get your mix loud, sounding well and under 0 db?
With Plugins like Ozone 5??

did u remove all the Midi instrument plugins and just added your EQ and Compression to them… i always wonder if i should keep the instrument plugins and just add my EQ and Compression… or should u leave them and add ur plugins???? ?

whats up man. Hey quick question…I am going to be exporting my audio/midi stems of whole songs to a friend who is going to be mixing the tracks and i was wondering if i need to bring all of the faders on each track to 0 before exporting so that they are being sent with the entire signal or does it send the entire signal regardless of where i leave the faders before exporting??

Good video!!! Best so far ? Logic Pro is something… ?

Hi your doing great job… i m watching every vedio… Great!!!… i have one doubt, how creat a thick and rich strings layers…. for backround score?

Hie my name is Roy I m in Zimbabwe I m a studio engineer I would like to have your contact details want to talk to you about somethnng?

Godbless this guy for helping us. Very helpful stuff.?

Good job bro!! Super clear and helpful – THANK YOU!!!?

Good job young man. I like the way you break it down for anyone to understand. Oh, by the way, I write not only (Original Songs) with lyrics, but I also write (Instrumental Music) as well. lol. Keep doing what you do because you do it well. On to part 2.?