Maschine Tutorial – Recording Virus TI Snow audio through USB

Maschine Tutorial - Recording Virus TI Snow audio through USB

http://maschinetutorials.com http://twitter.com/maschinetutor In this tutorial I show how to setup the Virus TI to record audio directly into Maschine direct…
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When ever I do a track in Machine the sounds seem loud enough, but once I
import to wav its low. I almost have to turn to 7 or 8 before I can here it
.. any advise??
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Does your keyboard have to be set up a certain way to trigger sound? Mine
is always playing whatever the keyboard is set to, no plug sounds comes
out. Thanks

I have a wk-6500 casio, so in the keyboard window I can change it to dff
sounds.I didint know if i had to do somehing within the keyboard too. It
wil keep playing the sound in the keyboard window instead of plug ins
sounds. I was even trying to get it to play mASCHINE SOUNDS from my casio,
Ive been trying to find a way for about month now…lol.

Yea I have my casio running threw my audiobox. I can play sound threw it
and record on maschine ang logic. So that part works great.I guess Im just
confused how to reverse that to my keyboard.I see it has input L (keyboard)
input (R) is my mic, so It all looks good. ITs probably something so simple
im not doing wrong.Ill look into this software your talking about too.

I don’t use logic but I’ve seen quite a few people with videos on slicing
samples in logic

You have any vids on how to slice in logic, im trying to drag a track that
a cut up in logic and drag it to my esx24 sample.I cant figure out how to
drag all the cut up tracks at once , Not one by one.

thanks for the video. very helpful!

In Logic you would just setup your keyboard as a midi input device as well.

not currently, though it’s never an issue for me I record all of my synths
live as audio anyway

Yes, I see a usb port in the back

In maschine you can set a pad to send midi out from the drop down menu
choose “midi out” instead of sampler. To record the audio you need to have
the M3 audio outputs hooked up to your interface.

can you do one for side-chaining? with or without a vst compressor

OK, thanks. All I see is my audiobox and its set to midi input. So ill keep
playing around with it and see what happens.Thanks again

Whats good? Why when you go into midi mode in Maschine the pads seem like
you have to hit them harder just to get the sound to hit. When not in midi
mode , the pads are normal, just a slight tap and you get the hit? Thanks

Nice video, St Joe. I use this method to record my external synth but I’m
looking at buying a Virus too – the problem is you already mentioned; I
won’t be able to sequence multiple parts of the Virus in Maschine right?
Was hoping for some work-around before I went buying.. any ideas? Thanks

Now looking at it I see i can run it to the back of my audiobox. The back
of my keyboard dont have a midi but im sure I can find a cable that can
help.Thanks 4real.

that’s not midi, that’s audio, you need a midi cable

ohhh Ok,see I told you im lost…lol I’ll go pick one up this weekend then

Ok, would that be the same for trying to trigger souds from logic too
instead of using the cap lock keyboard?

how did you get the sound to play in maschine using midi before you changed
it to an audio file. I don’t have the virus TI, just have korg m3 and fast
track pro sound card. Is there a way I can do that using just those two. Im
basically trying to get the Korg M3 sounds to play in Native Instruments.

you don’t change sounds of your casio from within maschine, you change it
on your keyboard. If you want to use sounds from your key board you need to
run the audio out from your keyboard into your computer so you can sample
it into maschine. If you want to play plugins make sure your keyboard is
active as a midi input, and turn the volume down on your casio so you only
trigger the sounds in Maschine. Also make sure your keyboard is set to send
midi out in the first place.

does it have usb? If so, you may be able to use a usb cable for your midi
connection to your computer