Misha Mansoor’s Guitar Recording Tips

Here are 5 tips on how I record guitars from home. This is hopefully the first of many tutorial videos we’ll be posting, so if you have any suggestions on to…
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“You can actually use a cheap interface like this, but watch I use it with
my super expensive Axe FX 2” Yeah…. ?

As soon as he said “mac” I discontinued my watching of this video.?

This is “The bad thing” he actually released this track :)?

I find doing a palm muted 12th fret power chord instead of open (in dropped
tunings) gives the biggest clipping and chunkiest bass response, so I
usually use that for setting my input levels properly.?

Fuck the guitar…I want to know how he got that drum sound out of Superior

This ia a bunch of stuff i never knew about. My idea of recording is
writing a song, then playing it note for note in your head, then to the
guitar and then in front of a stack with mics and record it onto a tape

guys can we talk about that bass tone for a second? ?

So what you meant to say was…
Go spend $6,000 on two Axe-fx 2 Ultra’s and you too can have great guitar
tone! hehehe šŸ™‚ Nice vid though!?

Hi Misha, or anybody else that can answer, I am looking to get the new Axe
FX 2 XL and I am wondering if it will go well with an Orange 4X12 cabinet?
I know I have to get a power amp too, I’m just wondering about this right
now. Also, I bought the Focusrite 2i2 today because of this video =) My
duet is starting to shit the bed!?

I’m not a guitarist, but this Jakcson is sooooooo sexy….?

OH!!!!!! just came back to watch this a second time, THE BAD
THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM JUGGERNAUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Holy shit just realised what riff you played šŸ˜› the Bad Thing :D?

Great Vid. but people, when recording your guitars for a real and final
track.. Play the track all the way through. Don’t copy paste it. Unless you
are some musical god, you probably need the practice number one. Number two
it’s cheese. You will get a more natural and subtle nuanced performance out
of it. And I’m somewhat assuming the OP does this 100% when not just
scratch tracking, building songs, ect. I never even liked the idea of
having to “punch in” to fix something back in the day, though you often had
too with a ramen noodle studio budget. Today there’s little excuse, it’s
beyond too easy to just do it till you get it right, and i think your
recording will be better for it, and you will be more proud of it.?


Misha? From periphery?? Couldn’t ask for a better man to teach me guitar
recording tips! :)?

Noob question alert:
New to recording guitar and I usually just record via one cable since I`m
recording a mono signal out of my guitar.
So why are there two cables running from the axe fx in to the recording
interface? Judging from the tracks he records in Cubase, it doesn`t look
like he`s recording stereo, so what`s happening here??

If your double tracking a guitar player 1.. and its panned 100% to the left
and 100% to the right.. what do you do with the second harmonizing guitar
for guitar player 2.. if both guitars are double tracked and 100% L & 100%
R? Do you just double track guitar 1 for example.. and then pan both L
100%.. and vice versa with Guitar 2 both takes R 100%??