nTrack Studio – Recording audio with Android

nTrack Studio - Recording audio with Android

This video tutorial explains how to record audio on Android, showing how to use audio tracks, export and share your composition. http://www.nTrack.com.


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#Lawrence Stelly: I’m replying as a separate comment as it appears your
Google+ settings don’t allow me to reply to your comment.
1. n-Track is compatible with almost any Android smartphone. You can try
the demo version, try searching “n-Track Studio Demo” on Google Play.
2. you can either use the built-in mic or use an external mic using a mic
3. n-Track contains builtin effects such as Reverb, Delay, Compression,
Phaser, EQ etc. It currently doesn’t contain an auto-tune effect
4. No you don’t need any 3rd party app.
5. Each track is recorded separately, so you can adjust each track volume
independently from the other: you can adjust the instrumental and vocal
tracks volume independently, and also add effects only to a track.?

You should show how to hook up stuff. ?

Hi! I’m really having trouble importing files to n-track; what do I need to
do? I really don’t want to waste $20.00 I spent on this app.Can someone
please tell me something?

Hey, how do you connect your instrument to your tablet??


How do I record music on an android tablet? There is this thing called
Audacity and I need something that works just like it.?

Hello, should i be able to record guitar from my amplifier on an android
devide through a device like this:
http://www.usbgear.com/images/USBG-X2X11.jpg plus a usb to micro usb

Wich tablets or iPads are compatible with n-track? Is there ane list you
can share? Thank you!?

it starts off very loud then the background music is a bit is annoying to
listen to when you are mixing.?

I’m a rapper and my laptop is no longer working (due to clumsiness). I
would love to download the app but I have a fee questions.

1. Can I use any smartphone for this app?

2. Do I need a mic, or can I just record using the built in mic?

3. Would I be able to use certain effects on my voice like auto tune?

4. Is this one of those apps that’s need like 6 different apps to work?

5. If I record over an instrumental and the recording is louder then the
instrumental (somehow) would I be able to low the volume of that verse with
out lowering the instrumental (without rerecording)?

I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time out of your day to
answer these questions. Thank You

-Young Heat™?

#nTrackSoftware Is it safe to buy this for the Nexus 9 tablet? I do not
see that device on your support page.?

i just need something to connect to my Tascam 8 track to record?