Pro Tools Tutorial: Recording Guitar In Pro Tools With The Universal Audio Apollo Twin

If you are new to the Apollo Twin audio interface and a Pro Tools user then Russ takes you through getting the Apollo Twin set-up with Pro Tools to record gu…
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So are you saying this could replace my M-BOX 2 Pro I use with my Win7 PT
And thank you!

Great, Russ! I have the twin duo and am very happy with the result. Not
a fan of UAD putting all of those plug ins in my list, however. They
should give you an easy way to select just from purchased plug-ins in the
console, and an option to exclude from my PT list, but guess they feel they
need to sell to you even while you are recording……?

Worst guitar tune ive ever heard, how can you learn anything from this???
the guitar sound is like a 5 $ amp i can wear in my belt and runs on AAA
batteries. ?

The bad news is, if you record reverb the way, you showed, than you get a
mono reverb printed to your track. But if you use the two aux chanels for
stereo effects – daw 19-20 – than you can print stereo effects too.?

Too bad that Apollo interface is not available for PC users…?

I have been trying to do the typical spidif re-amping, but the apollo twin
has an optical plug instead of the rca plugs, is there a work around for

in monitor mode you are still recording thru neve preamp ?