Professional Mixing & Mastering Techniques

Hey guys, just thought oI’d teach you guyys a little about mixing and mastering. Fill you in on what I’ve learned so far in school, pro pointers. Boosting your volumes then throwing a limiter on is not the proper way, or putting a soundgoodizer on your master track that’s very wrong. So for you people that are having troubles and for people that are giving false pointers. This is for you, enjoy.

These techniques apply to whatver program you are using.

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HOLY FUCK! I see why you exceed the 15 min mark. 6 mins of this video is just you shooting the shit. LETS GO! Move on with the lesson son! Geez! you got me yelling at the monitor.?

Damn everybody's got some foul shit to say lol, nice video bud keep em coming.?

some stuff i dont see eye to eye when you mixing and mastering i would made a pre master so i can tell how my lead will sound under compression so i can make mixing changes to get to sound how i want when i do my full master but dont make leads using a pre master on it thats not so smart?

You're telling people they don't need monitors and that if the mix sounds good on their laptop speakers, they will sound good on big speakers. WTF? Lowering the track fader does NOT give you clean heardroom when a plugin is assigned to that track! You will distort/clip within the plugin!

You have no idea what you're talking about.?

You speak low as hell did you take an oxycontin pill hours ago??

Thanks to you, i made my first song, I am still getting better and i would like, only if you have time just to look at my song and tell me what i can do better 😀 thanks mate ! (or any one who is up for feedback on it) :D?

Not pro and nowhere was mastering. Mastering is something you do with final mixed WAV-file.?

all you did was mix. you didn't master a thing.?

This guy won't stfu about the shitty sound it's so annoying. Focus on what you are here to talk about not other shit!?

You have good knowledge but i couldn't handle the monotone.?

Mixing on laptop speakers and call this ''professional'' lol?

sPEAK pROPERLY and Clear…. dUDE……………?

These tutorials need to be shorter. Just about every mixer has 15 minutes of just too much talking. Do a 5 minute video and make sequels. It's not fair to us to sit and wait for people to get to the point and then find out at the end of the video that they didn't learn anything.?

a little enthusiasm in your speech would go a long way. You sound like my philosophy lecturer?