ProTools for Beginners: Recording Vocals

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Smart, and what a time saver. Thanks for the tip.?

Brian if i do it the 2nd way you did it do I have to open up an auxiliary
for every new track??

Dude what is with the poxy music for want of a better word in the
background. ?

theres no need to create an aux for each new track. all you have to do is
set your eq and compressor the way you want it on the first vocal track ,
then save it as a template. the same with effects and plugins. that way you
can just apply the template to each vocal and you can still save time
without giving up your option to go back and tweek the eq. you never want
to record a setting printed in the vocal so you cant change it because if
you are displeased in any way with your vocal, then you only have two
options, you can leave the track alone and have a project that youre not
happy with, or you have to delete the vocal and waste time starting all
over agian. if you do that, you run the risk of not recording the vocal the
same way and losing your creativity. its always best to record raw vocal.?

You are a brave man, taking on the role of teacher in a world full of
newbie producers! I commend you!?

haha…. pro tools newbie here…. this is going to be a painful
adventure… thx for the video?

Very good. Can’t wait to try the Aux track recording.?

so how do you get to the mix window??

you brain why nothing shows up when i click interface in the mixer window ?

Why don’t I have a ‘plug in’s’ column where I can add the EQ? I only have a
‘comments’ column.?

Thanks for sharing. I’m a totoal newbie. Is it really necessary to have an
audio interface ? I want to record my band. There is a mixing desk in the

i need help with mixing and mastering vocals ?

I like the background music?

if I put the EQ and Compressor on the aux track…do I have to put it on
the vocal track too? Please help…. the sound of the voice it’s not nice
at all and I am trying to understand why…. Thank you!?

followed your directions, exactly. One problem…on playback the level is
extremely low. everything sounds fine thru inputs and bus’. how do i fix

i wish you didnt have that fucking deafening beat in the background
drowning out your voice so i cant hear a fukin word you say?

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