PS4 How to record MICROPHONE sound, Recording gameplay with SHARE button TUTORIAL

Tutorial on how to set up a microphone when recording PS4 gameplay using the share button, you can use a headset, USB microphone or the audio from your PS4 c…
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Well it shows you how to make the voice higher in the video, as for the
gameplay just go into your game menu and change the levels in audio options?

Hahaha i wasted 8 minutes of my life babbling thinking my voice is
recorded, to find out that I was stupid haha, Thanks this helped!?

I don’t normally like and subscribe after watching one video of someone’s
channel but this deserves it! Thumbs up my savior!?


Omg dude thank u so much! i didn’t know what to do! xD thx so much!!! a sub
from here!?

Thanks dude you are awsom! I couldnt find how to include my dat mic on
recording and i was freaked out! One sub from me thank you!! :)?

Omg yes this was amazingly helpful thank you thank you so much!!! Like you
said, I have tried looking this up online everywhere but couldnt find it at
all haha šŸ˜› thanks so much :)?

It would be great if my friends would actually let their voices into the
video cause I hate it when I sound like I’m talking to myself! ?

You just saved my youtube channel bro thank you so much that deserves a sub

thank you so much i subscribed and liked AND COMMENTED!!?

Genius man!!! Sub all the way!!?

Question: do you have to have a microphone or can you use just a PS4
headset? ?

Thanks man I had a time doing it with out you and now I’m beating my self
up because how easy it was to do that?

Thanks man, You’re amazing!?

Thanks a lot. This helped lots mate.?

So helpful thank you very much I just got the update for YouTube and now I
can directly upload from the ps4 to YouTube but I had no clue how to turn
on the mic settings so once again thank you?


Thanks for the help you just saved me alot of time and frustration?

Hey bro i wanna record gameplay and have commentary with it also but i want
the game sounds too could you describe to me the whole process please?

This video was Very Helpfull I wonder why Playstation recording (with
audio) is so difficult and why Playstation hasn’t shown any tutorials on
this. But thanks G4X.?