Reaper Tutorial Home Recording Course – Video Tour

http://www.homebrewaudio.com/NewbiesGuide2/ – The Newbies Guide to Audio Recording Awesomeness 2: Pro Recording With Reaper is a home recording course using …


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Hi! How do I access the tutorials? I can’t find the 10 chapters.
Thank you.

I really wanted to finish this video, but I couldn’t shake the overwhelming
feeling that I was about to get raped 0.o?

You’re the best, you are helping me so tremendously!! I’m stuck on the lame
encoder part. I can’t seem to convert to mp3 files. I did it on Audacity
before, but I just seem to be stuck in no mans land right now. I’ve put the
zip file in the correct folder, yet it says it doesn’t recognize it. Please
help!! ];?

thank you so much for the videos! well done!?

how would i go about transferring the program itself to a new computer? i
already have it on my current pc but i’m going to get a new pc just for
recording soon.

How do i Get the Gun Shot Effects for Reaper 3.74

Actually it is the program itself:). Though the Reaper folks allow you to
have the program on 2 machines at the same time, which is actually pretty
standard for software. But if you ever have any questions about this, their
forum is awesome at reaper – dot – fm (they don’t allow links in here).
Hope that helps.

For sure! You deserve more views man! You have a really good channel!

Thanks! Actually it’s an Audio-Technica AT2035.

delano – do you mean sound effects that sound like shot gun explosions?

Are you using the Sterling SP50? It sounds great!

Excellent. You can do so much with Reaper and some pretty inexpensive gear
these days. It’s unbelievable when I remember how much you could (more like
“couldn’t”) do in the old days unless you had very expensive gear or went
to a pro studio for tons of money.

Interesting ! peaked my interest šŸ™‚