Recording audio in Pro Tools 10 | lynda.com tutorial

Recording audio in Pro Tools 10 | lynda.com tutorial

This tutorial describes the steps needed in order to record audio with Pro Tools. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/tutorials/Pro-Tools-10-Essential-Trainin…


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why, why are you recording in 16bit….24 at least my god?

I have an M Audio Box although even when I activate the input and output
routing portion, turn on the 48v phantom power, the volume still wont turn
up in the ear phones. I have the drivers updated, what is going wrong??

plz can u link me up n pro tools 10 i’m using a m audio fast track i dnt
have a ilok?

Great video, just what i was looking for.

How can you record boom as a new track along with the acoustic guitar? I
see it playing in the volume led, soon as I enable record you don’t see any
volume from boom on the LEDs. I hit record and it records nothing from
boom. Guitar records OK. Thx for the gr8 video

Thank you so much. Just unpacked and install my Pro Tools 10 and it was a
breeze to start with the help of your video. Thanks

How To I Get The Inserts Next To The Track Bar? I Have Pro Tools 10.3 and
My Insert and Volume Knob Is In Its Own Window.

how do you get that look on protools? so its all in 1 window not 3
different ones?

Hey, i use The m-audio fast track interface that came with Pro tools LE.
but i just bought pro tools 10, and my interface dosent show in pro tools ?

thank you!! Thats why my recording doesnt work properly cause i fixed it by
this video thanks my friend!:D

1st record enable then click record on transport, and play.

why don’t have have an analog 1 option in my inputs?

Im schooling at Berklee online music college for ProTools 10, just starting
and I cant seem to get any sound out of my instrument! Using a MacBook pro
with built in input … have a signal in ProTools but no sound, help!

Perfect match to my learning style—clear, concise, useful!!

wut type of computer are you using?

Weenie Ride. Hilarious. Steel Panther RULES!!