VIDEO: 3 Mixing & Mastering Tips To Improve The Sound Of Your Music

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Mixing and mastering should be taken very seriously. Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer, a beginner in sound design, or an artist trying to make the best sounding music possible, there should be an emphasis on creating acoustically pleasing music. Today, I have 3 tips to produce better sounding music. These tips can help you create better beats (hip hop, pop, electronica, dubstep, etc.), better vocals for audio, better mixes, and set a foundation before you master your audio. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe!

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How To Improve Your Music Production Tips | Hip Hop Beats, Quality, Mixing, Sequencing, Arrangement

How To Improve Your Music Production Tips | Hip Hop Beats, Quality, Mixing, Sequencing, Arrangement

In this video, I explain the #1 tip that has helped me to progress my overall music production – from the mixing, arranging, and overall sound quality.
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How To Arrange a Hip Hop Beat or Instrumental: http://tcustomz.com/blog/how-to-structure-a-hip-hop-beat-or-instrumental/

Top 3 Basic Tips for a Better Mix:

Top 3 Basic Tips for a Better Mix

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Travis Cole (TCustomz)
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Dance Music Mixing Tips with Morgan Page

DJ/producer/remixer Morgan Page (Madonna, Katy Perry, Tegan & Sera, La Roux) gives his tips and tricks on how to approach a dance mix with the Morgan Page EMP toolbox.
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