[TUTORIAL] Best Video Game RECORDING Program NO LAG – FACECAM – Mirillis Action Best Settings

[TUTORIAL] Best Video Game RECORDING Program NO LAG - FACECAM - Mirillis Action Best Settings

In this tutorial, I show you guys what I believe to be the best video game recording program I have ever tried. In my opinion Mirillis Action is far better than DxTory, Bandicam, Open Broadcaster…


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A day late, but no matter! Enjoy!?

Press F19 to start/stop video recording 1:00 hahahaahhahaha?

When I record and then watch the video, it says at the top: Recorded with
Mirillis Actions or something. Is there anyway to remove that??


I used fraps it ate my cpu does it do the same for this one or should i get
an elgato??

What do you use for headphones or microphones? I’m new at this stuff.?

does this make HUGE files. I want good quality gameplay without it making
30GB files?

Hey there how come when I record in MP4 the video doesn’t show up in Sony
Vegas only the audio does but when I record in AVI it works fine the video
shows up on the timeline in Sony Vegas ?

how to make it not lagging me when i play anygame like minecraft?

Which one do i get the home use or commercial use :p?

I find no lag with Dxtory or fraps. Its probably your pc.?

I have the same webcam as you xd?

guys,do u know how to get rid of the small box that appears on top of your
screen ? when u use mirrils??

How do I make my webcam less laggy??

recorded, video file is too large…. need to reduce capacity or video
straight face on it on the internet. (1 min = 1.2 G).@@?

I need help i started to record test vids but my voice is sped up Help!?

How do I disable the fps counter on the side??

Im dropping from 105 fps to 40 fps When im reccing minecraft! Help me! plz?

Action sure seemed liked the next recording software I was considering,
however after trying the trail it would appear that it has quite a few

HELP! When i record its fine, but when i look at the vid, its all sped up!
How do i fix this?!?

i have a problem first the sound does not match with the video and the
video sometimes goes super fast or really slow like slow motion please help
! ?

when i open it has the loading screen for 5 minures and wont go away?

hey, when I record with action my game sound is desynced, can anyone help?
Watch some of my latest videos for an example of this happening?

When I record minecraft it doesn’t fit the Youtube player how do I fix this?
I don’t play fullscreen?