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Bruce Springsteen – One Minute of Brilliant Songwriting Advice

Explaining that indefinable thing that is essential to great writing.
Video Rating: / 5 | In this video, our no. 1 hit selling songwriting instructor Alex Von Soos gives us a little taster of what you can expect while learning how to write a song on our Hit Songwriting course, jam packed full of songwriting tips from a top songwriter with record sales in the millions.
Video Rating: / 5

34 comments on “Bruce Springsteen – One Minute of Brilliant Songwriting Advice

  1. avatarBestToys Collector

    ts true what the boss says, it helps if youve been broken hearted or had some bad life experience that makes you reach inside your soul. Alot of the late blues players had this magic factor singing about their experiences of slavery and oppression.?

  2. avatarJibicus Maximus

    persoanlly never been much of a fan but he definitely knows what he is saying here, so many people miss that the emotional aspect is most important more important than technique even?

  3. Heres a helpful tip songs are just poetry. Learn to write poetry and bam you know the basis of songwriting. Also, right about things you know well. Love depression women etc or write about some of your struggles. And one last is think of your chorus first. Verses come easy after you know your chorus. ?

  4. It seems he made lyrics out of this very comment! "Shakespeare says, 'Man, one and one make three!' Awh, that's why it's poetry."?

  5. avatarStephanie Bruce

    I see a great deal of instruction out there on the craft of songwriting.  Not once have I seen/heard an instructor talk about the most important thing: Have Something to Say!!!  You want to know how to craft a song?  Try listening to the zillions of songs that have already been written.  If you are paying attention, the songs themselves will reveal all the common approaches to melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, and form.  Hey – that's why so many songs are indistinguishable from one another.  You've heard a zillion songs and you are copying them in hopes of crafting a hit – and maybe you will do just that.  Now, forget everything you learned in songwriting class, and just start thinking about the things you care about, and have strong feelings about.  When the feeling starts to rise up in your chest, open your mouth, run to your instrument and start expressing something real.  That's how you write a great song.  Feel something, live your life in a way that actually involves caring about things, noticing real things that touch your heart.  Write about them, sing about them, as you, yourself, actually feel.  Write that.  That's what makes a song great.  If your own songs don't make you weep, you aren't there yet.?

  6. avatarFireHammerBrand

    So you present some formula you pulled out of your arse and then fail to explain anything about it? You didn't even teach us "how to write a song" like your title boasts. You just explained what you think contrast is??? 

    Sorry, but I am not "satisfied"…?

  7. i tried to use a few of these tips in my originals check them out! for every comment i'll comment back and more 😀

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