☆ Chris Beaver ☆ Music Production Tutorial Part One

Hi Guys. People have been asking me for months now just how do i record and produce my music. As I don’t really have the time to answer most of your questions im going to upload a series…


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Hi Chris… just want to add another thanks to the list, really helpful
videos. Thanks for taking the time to make them?

Chris. Thanks for uploading this music production video. It was very
informative and helpful especially because I am not a drummer. I am looking
forward to you future videos on this subject and will be digesting every
one. As a newbie to music production any info and ideas would be greatly
appreciated. You have a great technique of teaching that is not confusing
as one idea flows to the next. Many thanks from Nj in the USA.

@Playingmuhguitar Thanks very much

That’s awesome. You can always find snippets of info here and there about
“parts” of mixing, but very rarely can you find the entire process in the
kind of detail you are showing. It really is appreciated. And since I’m
using Nuendo4 and the HD500, this will be EXTREMELY useful because I won’t
really have to translate what you’re showing to some other software. Keep
up the good work – we’ll get a lot out of it! Cheers.

@oldebears Thanks very much. I also use ewql collections. im about to
upload part 2 now which covers a lot more ground and is 43 mins long

chris what is the name of this software??….thanks..

Great! That is a really inspiring tutorial video. Thanks!

Chris, I am new to recording on computer. I have Pro Tools 9, and loads of
cools software, like the East West Quantum Leap collections. I also have
EZDrummer (the little brother of Superior Drummer). Your video is very
helpful and inspiring! I hope you do more! Cheers, Mark

Thanks guys. ill be able to continue doing these videos from next week

Cool video mate. Just wanted to mention in case you didn’t know. But you
can have cubase randomly quantize notes so that they are slight off time.
Save you manually editing every hit. Cheers.

@rnzmatt drums software is superior drummer 2 and to record i use cubase 5