20 Hit Songwriting Tips from the 2015 ASCAP EXPO

I went to the 10th annual conference of songwriters in Los Angeles last week and was so inspired. Here are 20 Hit Songwriting Career Tips from the 2015 ASCAP EXPO! Even though I reference many current hits, the concepts, I believe, are ones that will last. They don’t have to do with formulas for what hits are but rather the strategies you’ll need to excel in a career writing music. As for hits, who knows if you will achieve those (or even if that’s what you want to achieve), but all this advice comes from a stellar lineup of songwriters: Claudia Brant, Aloe Blacc, Richard Marx, Bill Withers, Sevyn Streeter, No I.D., Judy Stakee, Savan Kotecha, Kevin Cronin, Avicii, Ashley Gorley, Quincy Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Paul Williams, Anton Monsted, Darrell Brown…

Here is the report on copyright and the music business I mentioned: http://copyright.gov/docs/musiclicensingstudy/copyright-and-the-music-marketplace.pdf

Here’s the Natalia Jiménez video I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2zOb0HGdxg

1. Everything takes a long time.
2. Cowrite, cowrite, cowrite! Put your ego aside and find the best vehicle for your melody or lyrics by collaborating.
3. Go where the music business is.
4. Stand up for songwriters. Support the songwriters equity act.
5. Understand the industry. Understand business or work with someone who can take care of that for you (like a publisher). Understand copyright.
6. Perform “self- A&R”.
7. Use your PRO (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC).
8. Find the ambitious, productive people and work with them.
9. Don’t go to clubs to hustle, write songs.
10. Do your homework and ask smarter questions.
11. Believe in yourself.
12. Bill Withers: “Don’t fake the orgasm.” Enjoy what you are doing!
13. The hardest thing to do is be profound and simple.
14. To get certain things done you will need a team and representation.
15. Don’t be good, be great.
16. Feed yourself. Respect your dry spells and mistakes.
17. Be humble.
18. Write at 10 and then back it off. Dont’ try to creep up from zero.
19. You are special.
20. The state of the music industry is that opportunity is at an all time high.
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this is amazing thank you for sharing! Savan Koetcha is one of my biggest idols?

Alexa, thanks a bunch for this – supplying information and your personal insights to those of us who can't make it to events like these quite yet! You're setting an example for for all of us regarding information sharing and connection. In a day where so many people are choosing to build walls and try to hide their "special sauces," I'm inspired that there are others out there trying to lift one another up! Cheers to your continuing success…and your next Grammy 🙂 – Seth?

Thank you Alexa! Excellent report. I was considering going to the 2016 expo, now I'm definitely going. Really cool to see how energizing it was for you!?

Retitling works for music licensing libraries is not a shady practice. Retitling means that the library who is successful in getting the placement gets paid. There is no way a writer can know which library is going to be successful with the song. One library will have tremendous success placing your music, and the next library will say your songs are unplaceable. The worst thing is to have music signed exclusively to a library where it is gathering dust.?

Awesome video, great tips that I will definitely use. Be blessed!?

You made my day ! Thank you for the report Alexa. Greeting from Belgium !?

thank you for sharing 🙂  
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we shou;d clolborate…im in LA…i do electronic pop..OHALLORAN is my arstist name
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Thanks for making time & effort for this video. I'm from Singapore & currently living in Dubai & i'm going to Los Angeles this summer to find potential collaboration for my debut album, my gut feeling told me to do so 😉 … Anyway thanks for the tip on songwriting & sharing the info & if you are interested to collaborate music with me let me know….Cheers From Dubai!!!?

Thank you so much for posting this!?