6 iPhone Productivity Hacks

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iPhone needs the swipe method as a way to type on their keyboard. That’s
the only thing I miss about my android.?

Secret Hack #7. Put it in the microwave for 14 minutes. Take it out. Buy an

I usually waste more time trying to communicate to my phone what I said
using voice recognition. ?

this is less of a hack… more of a guide on how to use a phone. ?

Why are you calling a full stop a period??

How is this hacks? Its just settings…?

what iPhone user doesn’t know this stuff already???

seriously?! you’re handsome?!?

You know my favorite iPhone hack? Chucking that piece of outdated shit in
the garbage and getting a real phone that you can do actual work on, such
as an Android.?

Stop showing ugly people in your videos.?

secret hack, buzzfeed titled it “6 iphone” just to go in search results
when searching for iphone 6.?

Yo dude where the bitches at?! Haha XD?

Here’s a better idea.
Put it in the fryer for 15 minutes, take it out, throw it away, and buy an

no NFC,
no LED lights,
small ass screen with fucking super nintendo resolution,
apple maps …. APPLE FUCKING MAPS!!, screen is made shittier to make it
shatter easier so apple can make even more fucking money out of you by
making you replace the screen
It’s the same phone every year with 1 or 2 modifications and they make it a
new phone, Android can have the exact same modifications in a simple update
Apple certified charger wtf is that? It’s another way to make money off of
you by making the battery go down to 20% after 4 minutes of usage so you
need a charger everywhere and an apple certified charger costs about 30
dollars, a charger off amazon or ebay with the exact same power costs 4

Apple is basically the EA of technology

Hack #7. Buy an android and burn the Iphone?

“Party in my pants” WTF!?!??

Gary looks like he’s about 5000% done with your shit?

And the seventh tip: delete the 9GAG app. Now?

Or you can jailbreak your ios device and get some real fucking hacks some
of which can be productive to!?